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Whether retracing the haunted steps of Savannah's past or leisurely taking your time exploring the current cityscape of Savannah aboard a hop-on / hop-off trolley, there are a variety of in-depth topics to experience in "America's oldest city." Find the tour just right for you, or piece together an encompassing experience from two or three tour options for an informative and fun look at the past, present and even future of Savannah, GA! First-time visitors and regular guests alike are sure to find fresh ideas waiting for a vacation experience you won't soon forget.

With over 260 years of history, it should come as no surprise that the city of Savannah can offer an eclectic look at its past. From general overview tours and relaxing lunch and dinner cruises to very specific tour options touching on topics ranging from ghosts and pirates to southern cooking, you're bound to find a niche in Savannah to pique your interest. Below, you'll find some of Savannah's more popular tour options highlighted to give you a better understanding of what awaits in the charming, southern city, and to help you to better plan your next vacation.

Deluxe Land and Sea Savannah Package

The Deluxe Land and Sea Savannah Package brings together the encompassing Then & Now Trolley Tour, elegant River Street Riverboat Cruise and informative look at the historic Davenport House for a sightseeing experience that can showcase the history, architecture and natural beauty of Savannah all at once! The Then & Now Trolley Tour offers hop-on / hop-off privileges, allowing you to depart the trolley and explore each area at your own pace. Of course, with a new trolley stopping by approximately every 20 minutes you'll never be left waiting for too long to continue your journey. Along the River Street Riverboat Cruise you'll not only see the natural sights of Savannah from the Savannah River, but be able to experience these sights from an authentic paddlewheel for a nostalgic atmosphere that perfectly fits with the culture of the area. And along the tour of the Davenport House you'll pristine antebellum architecture, and the gentile lifestyle of the south's past!

Hauntings Walking Tour

Considered America's "most haunted city" by many paranormal experts, Savannah is the perfect place to get in touch with the "other side." Along the Hauntings Walking Tour you'll walk the city streets with informative guide as you explore three haunted buildings and a local graveyard. The Kehoe House, Hampton-Lillibridge House and Owens-Thomas House have all had their share of troublesome accounts over the years, each offering the perfect opportunity to see what lurks in the dark of Savannah. Aside from the homes, you'll also stop by other reportedly haunted establishments including the Colonial Park Cemetery and the 17hundred90 Restaurant for a thorough look at Savannah's haunted hang-outs.

Old Town Trolley On / Off Narrated Tour

The Old Town Trolley On / Off Narrated Tour offers an encompassing look at Savannah that can be explored at your own pace. The actual tour runs approximately 90 minutes, but offers travelers the ability to get off the trolley at each stop, and explore at their own pace. When you're ready to continue your journey, just hop-on the next trolley, with trolleys making their rounds approximately every 20 minutes. From Franklin Square and City Market to Madison Square and Bay Street, you'll find a varied look at the city along this tour.

Paula Deen Tour

The Paula Deen Tour offers Savannah visitors both a comprehensive view into the life of Paula Deen, as well as an authentic taste of southern cuisine! Learn how Paula rose to the cooking sensation she is today as you stop by the many markets Paula used to, and still does, frequent, and even have the opportunity to stop by her very own restaurant - Uncle Bubba's Oyster House - and sample the culinary styles that have become synonymous with the south. Aside from the culinary aspect, this tour will also offer a glimpse into Paula's personal life, including the opportunity to visit Bethesda, where Paula was married.

River Street Riverboat Lunch & Dinner Cruises

Whether you're looking for a time of sightseeing, entertainment or dining, there's a cruise aboard the River Street Riverboat just right for you! You'll ride an authentic paddlewheel boat along the Savannah River, taking in the many historic and natural sights of the riverbed. And for those that would like more than a simple time of sightseeing, dinner, lunch, gospel music and even murder mystery cruise options are available to ensure that you see the sights in entertaining fashion.

Ghost Tour "Trolley"

As the name implies, the Ghost Tour "Trolley" will showcase many of Savannah's more notorious haunts along a guided trolley tour. The Colonial Cemetery, Sorrel Weed House and more will all be explored in-depth as a knowledgeable guide shares informative information that will add meaning to the many sights seen along the tour. Additionally, there is the option to include dinner at the Pirate's House for a filling and spooky experience in Savannah!

Pirate's Walk Adventure

While Savannah has been reported to have its fair share of ghosts, there's no denying its history with pirates. With a waterfront location and distinction of being one of the first planned cities in America, Savannah was a hotbed for pirate activity throughout the 18th century. Along this walking tour you'll be led by knowledgeable guide along a walking tour as numerous points of interest including the Lilli Hampton Bridge, Henry Willink Cottage and even the Pirate's House Restaurant are all explored! If you don't believe in ghosts, but want something a little more intense than your general sightseeing tour, the Pirate's Walk Adventure may offer just the look at Savannah that you're hoping for.


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