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Discover history while strolling through Historic Charleston

Our realtor friends at Locountry Charleston recommended that we consider a walking tour blog for our Lowcountry News Channel, and we’re mighty proud they did.  To get an idea of what is entailed while walking historic Charleston’s historic district, follow the link on this nicely done website resource below:

Begin on Charleston’s southeastern tip, at the confluence of East Battery Street and Murray Boulevard, where an old local saying claims that the Ashley and Cooper Rivers meet to form the Atlantic Ocean. From this panoramic vantage point, overlooking historic Charleston Harbor on one side and beautiful gardens and rows of palatial antebellum mansions on the other, moving in any direction may take some will power. It was from this spot that cannon roared with the opening salvos of the Civil War, and where great fleets of war ships and merchant vessels have passed for centuries. Originally a shell bank covered with oysters bleached white by the sun, the area was called White Point by early settlers, who set up lookouts and fortified defenses here in the late 1600′s. Today, the oyster shells are covered by filled land and a the tree-lined park area known as White Point Gardens, while where gun batteries faced the sea is a waterfront bulwark commonly called The Battery.

We are always involved in a little competition here with our Yankee Sister that lies to the north of our own Historic City of Savannah.  So after you take that walking tour, come check out our own comprehensive walking or riding tour here in the Hostess City of Savannah.

The Arts District in Downtown Savannah

Yes Virginia there is an Arts District in Savannah, well sort of.  International artists working in conjunction with Savannah Museums and Savannah Galleries is a given as in any arts community.  What sets our regional arts center apart from other arts destination cities are our accomplished cadre of Savannah artists that are forever busy delivering their latest up to the minute creation, be it something as eclectic as sidewalk art in Forsyth Park, art created exclusively for artist owned galleries on River Street, performance art outdoors in City Market or the very latest presentation in Savannah’s prestigious newest museum. The Jepson Center for the Arts, a 64,000 square foot state of the art Museum located on Telfair Square adjacent to her 119+ year old sister, the Telfair Museum on the same Historic District Square has wowed both international and regional visitors in her short history.

While enjoying your stay in one of our upscale accommodations in our inventory of exquisitely furnished historic townhouse renovations offered at Abercorn Townhomes, Suites, and Condominiums, make it a point to also take an architectural tour of Savannah’s Historic District as you view other architectural gems from yesterday.  Check out the different art galleries hidden away in downtown City Market and the Shops at Ellis Square.  Look for hidden art treasures in their outside kiosks as you stroll down cobblestone paved River Street.  Whatever trips your artistic trigger, your long weekend getaway to Savannah’s Arts District is sure to scratch that itch.