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A few comments from a recent guest…

This is an excerpt of a recent blog posting by one of our repeat guests to Historic Savannah, Georgia:

Hello, everyone! This week’s post is about Savannah, GA. What a beautiful and artistic town. I spent a week there last month, my 5th visit. If you have never been and get the opportunity, don’t pass it up! I will try my best to get the facts correct:

Savannah was originally built on the plans of General James Oglethorpe. He didn’t want anyone to be able to rush through town so he designed 24 "squares" (small parks). All of the roads intersect with the squares so that you are always going around the squares, making it impossible to drive quickly, and making for a really beautiful city. Each square has a monument and several benches along with sidewalks so as you walk around you can take a break at any time to have a snack..or paint a painting, which many artists do. There are now 21 squares still in existance (1 is being restored and 2 are forever lost)…

River Street is the tourist mecca (along with Paula Deen’s "Lady and Sons" restaurant which is a few block away). Shops and restuarants line one side of the street and street artists and performers occupy the other. It’s not a very long street so it’s easy to see the majority of River Street and then move on to other interesting shops and galleries all within walking distance. I usually try to stay somewhere in the middle of town so that once you arrive in Savannah, no more driving! The car stays parked and we get lots of exercise and lots of "wandering time" to see galleries, coffee shops (where my daughters and I like to journal or draw while we enjoy our coffee) or just sit in the parks. We also make sure to go to City Market, good restaurants and great galleries…

I could really go on and on, Savannah is simply my favorite city (so far). You will find plenty of brochures and information at the visitor’s center in the historic district but just walking around is the best way to see it. I book a house through . Aubrey is THE MAN! He will make sure you get exactly what you need in accommodations. The site has a great map. I generally stay in Sections 2,3, 5 or 6.


Savannah one of the Top 10 Vacation Destinations in US/Canada

Leisure + Travel Magazine readers have placed Savannah in the number 9 position on the Top 10 Vacation Destinations within the United States and Canada FOR THE FIRST TIME in the poll’s 13-year history.


The Savannah Morning News reports:

At a time when tourist destinations across the nation are struggling to attract cash-strapped visitors, being ranked No. 9 in its category is a definite feather in Savannah’s cap.

"Travel + Leisure is one of the leading travel publications. To have that kind of recognition from them is a big statement," said Joe Marinelli, president of the Savannah Area Convention & Visitors Bureau. "It really adds to the growing recognition of Savannah as an international destination."

StpatsOne of Savannah’s biggest and best celebrations comes each St. Patrick’s Day. Events include the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade which is considered an opportunity for family and friends to get together and enjoy a very entertaining Savannah event. Deemed by many as the second greatest most popular American Saint Patrick’s Day Parade event on the eastern seaboard due to the actual number of celebrants and onlookers, traditional Irish music enhances the festivities with bands and walking groups dancing down the street during the parade.

The city is also rich with history, beautiful architecture, great restaurants including Paula Deen‘s Lady & Sons, unique shopping, interesting and unusual tours and 24 lovely squares throughout the Historic District.

So, with so much to do why not make Savannah your next vacation destination?

The Story of Dylan the Sea Turtle

DylanDylan is a loggerhead sea turtle who was found as a hatchling on Jekyll Island in 1998. She had been left behind by her nest mates and was fortunate enough to receive help from two nature centers, the Georgia Aquarium and, finally, the Georgia Sea Turtle Center on Jekyll Island.

After nine years in captivity Dylan has been set free to begin a new chapter in her life. Unlike most of the turtles at the Turtle Center, Dylan was free of illness and injury. Her biggest obstacle was learning how to feed herself. Caretakers began by feeding her a mixture of fish, shrimp and squid frozen into blocks of ice. She then progressed to frozen whole crabs so she could get used to breaking the shells. Dylan became a voracious eater after realizing that the crabs would not hurt her. She now weighs 150 lbs.

A transmitter has been placed on Dylan so that researchers can track her within 100 yards. The transmitter goes off whenever she surfaces. Dylan won’t be expected on land again for about 20 years when she begins to lay eggs.