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Staying at Savannah Getaways Laura’s Cottage with the Haint

As many of our guests here at Savannah Getaways have shared over the years have come to know, Laura’s Cottage is not only available for your personalized vacation rental stay but you just might share the night with a haint that lives there as well if one guest that shared her story with Trip Advisor is to be believed.


"Laura visited 3 times – The cottage is said to be haunted by Laura, a black lady who lived in it for 50 years. The first week was very chilly in Savannah. Laura made herself known to us on 3 visits. The first was by opening a downstairs window from the bottom up on one chilly morning. The window was locked! Soon after she flickered the lights over the dining table, and the bulbs were in nice and tight. On the coldest night of the year, you could smell wood smoldering like a campfire after water had been poured on it. It was on and off, but so strong that we checked the cottage. Laura was telling us she would keep us warm. We never saw or heard her, but she was there."


So if hanging out with ghosts while visiting America’s most Haunted City is what you had in mind, well you’ve come to the right place assuming you can handle the walking tours that come by from time to time right outside your front door of this cottage built in the 1700’s. Savannah Getaways has your fright night accommodation covered. Send an e-mail for availability and rates today!

Savannah Garden Expos slated for April 16 through April 19th

Savannah Getaways has been providing accommodations at affordable rates for the Savannah Garden Exposition over the past nine years every since they were created. Happy ninth Birthday, Savannah Garden Expo!

Founded in 2001 by Clare Ellis and Lyn McDonald, the Savannah Garden Exposition was devised as a creative and unique way to raise funds for the Isaiah Davenport House Museum and Historic Savannah Foundation. The founders of this event envisioned a fundraiser that was different than all of the other fundraisers in Savannah at the time. They were looking for a way that people could come and have fun in a more casual way than the traditional fundraising gala — do some shopping and maybe learn a few things, all while still supporting two wonderful organizations.

Originally organized by a committee of 16 members, the Savannah Garden Exposition was held in the vacant lot behind the Davenport House in the 300 block of East Broughton Street. Over the years, the event has grown so large that it is now held at the historic Roundhouse Railroad Museum and has been expanded from two days to three.


The subsequent committees have held fast to the founders’ intention that the event would highlight the unique heritage of Savannah’s secret and public gardens while continuing to expand the event. The most popular feature of the Expo has always been the walking tours, which allow patrons the chance to visit some of the most beautiful private gardens in the historic Landmark District. Each year, the featured gardens are rotated so that no garden is on a tour two years in a row.

Wild Island & Estuary Tour on March 14th

While you're in town for St. Patrick's take a tour with Wilderness Southeast. The tour is from 9 AM to Noon March 14th, 2009 and leaves from Bull River Marina.

Aboard the covered 45-foot pontoon boat "Island Explorer" with licensed captain and naturalist guide, journey through tidal creeks and marshes to go ashore on Williamson Island, Georgia's youngest barrier island. Discover how islands come to life. Explore the estuary. See birds, dolphins and oysters, and talk about their lives. Walk the beach, looking for the wonderful and strange "washed ashores" that reveal secrets of life beneath the waves.

Tickets are $45 per person. Call (912) 236-8115 for Reservations.