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Free Celebrity Sports Camp at Bethesda Boy’s Home on May 2nd

Bring your kids with you to coastal Georgia this weekend so they can attend the Bethesda Sport’s Camp while you hang out with history in the historic district. Bethesda’s Celebrity Sports Camp will take place this year on Bethesda’s campus on Saturday, May 2 located at 9520 Ferguson Avenue. Every year, this sport’s camp provides instruction for children ages 8-18 in basketball, football and baseball by both current and former professional athletes and coaches. The camp is free and open to the public. Check-in and/or registration for the camp begins at 8:00 a.m. The camp runs from 9:00 a.m. to 12 Noon.


As many of you already know, Historic Bethesda Boy’s Home started out as an orphanage for boys back in the day, Colonial American Day that is! In the early part of the 18th Century of Colonial America, Savannah's history was filled with epidemics that took the lives of many of the early colonists as it did all across the New World. In that era, orphanages were a critical need for the surviving orphans of these epidemics to have a place to live and be raised. With that in mind, President James Habersham (the founder and first President) was granted 500 acres of land for construction. Completed in 1742, Bethesda faced many difficulties including famine, war, fires that burned down early buildings, and lack of funds. By 1780, the current dormitory building was constructed which still stands today.
Continuing a 250+ year old legacy of community service, the tradition continues well into the 21st Century.


Call (912) 351 – 2040 for details.

Spring Fling Festival Getaways – Coastal Georgia Style

While Abercorn Townhomes, Suites and Condominiums recognizes that economically speaking, we have certainly seen better times. It is hard to tell that every one is experiencing the exact same gloomy outlook based on the number of travelers flowing into our perennial Top Ten Destination City this spring. With record number of travelers coming to Savannah in droves, makes you wonder if they know that folks aren’t supposed to be enjoying themselves so much on their weekend getaways to Georgia’s First City. If the traditional St. Paddy’s Day Festivities are any indication, I would say the answer is a resounding NO to moping around and a big time YES to adventure seeking fun based on Savannah being designated once again as one of the venues for holding one of the ten best St. Paddy’s Celebrations in the Country.


But that’s too easy you might say, given our March 17th tradition right? Okay what about any old weekend in the historic district?  As many of our repeat guest already know, every weekend in coastal Georgia is an opportunity to see the sights, savor the flavors, and take in the history.  You never know when you might bump into a Hula Dancer like the one found earlier this month in the You Tube Clip at the end of today’s post. Or How about some tasty music in mid May (the 14th and the 17th to be exact) bought to you by the folks at The Coastal Jazz Association of Savannah? Maybe the 7 million PLUS visitors we get to the district every year know something about having a little fun where some much needed hospitality from the Hostess City can always make those blues go away.
Come on down, up or over to the district this spring and share a few laughs with the locals, now, you hear?

SCAD Students + Forsyth Park + Chalk = Annual Sidewalk Art Festival

The Savannah College of Art and Design hosts it's annual SCAD Sidewalk Arts Festival this coming Saturday, April 25th. As usual the perfect venue for this art al fresco event takes place around thirty acre Forsyth Park between the southern end of Savannah's Landmark Historic District and the start of the Victorian District.


There are numerous contests in Savannah's annual artsy rite of spring festival, including chalk-drawing competitions for students, alumni and prospective students as well as the Fantastic Fishes Art Contest. The FFA contest is sponsored by renowned Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary, another uniquely Savannah getaway destination – where else can you combine the historic district, art, and our National Reef Sanctuary adjacent to our Georgia Coastal all in the same weekend?


In addition to the traditional chalk art competition, the festival will feature sumptuous seafood and other delectables from local restaurants, live music, student and faculty art exhibitions and areas for young artists. So if you are planning a much needed getaway to Savannah later week, plan to be there are be square – at the Sidewalks Art Festival in the Park that is!

Revitalized City Market, A 250+ year retrospective, then and now

Savannah’s City Market has long personified the vibrant heart beat of "The Hostess City." Located in the northwest corner of the Historic District between Franklin Square and our still emerging “rising up from the ashes” Ellis Square, intrepid travelers find themselves just a few blocks south of the Savannah River's bustling River Street. City Market truly is the “heart and soul” as the concentrated aggregate of hospitality industry professional like to refer to them selves as.


There’s been one ever evolving generational incarnation or another of this open air market here since 1755, where in the early days of Colonial Georgia, farmers and fisherman sold fresh produce and fish to the coastal city dwellers that settled Savannah. In the early 50’s of the 20th century, many old buildings were razed to make room for modern buildings and a new fangled parking garage. This controversial action eventually led to the formation of the Historical Savannah Foundation thanks to a group of visionary ladies which changed Savannah’s focus on one of preserving the historic district rather than one of destroying her history.


Take the City Market virtual tour by clicking on the link to the left to determine just how she has undergone an impressive metamorphosis during the ensuing years that retains her historic flavor. This highly trafficked historic district destination has been designated for pedestrians only. And watch the You Tube video below to get a better idea of what City Market is all about before you hit town as one of our many satisfied guests here at Savannah Getaways.

April is Earth Day all month in Low Country Beaufort County, South Carolina

As we roll on into spring, lets look north across the Savannah River Basin from Historic Savannah for day trip possibilities onto the South Carolina side of the River. In the Beaufort County area we see that all month long, Earth Day is being celebrated. And what better way to celebrate than to get those taste buds watering over the area's two favorite Seafood Delicacies, Soft Shell Crabs and Steamed Oysters. While April is the last month to partake of this local May River shellfish, courtesy of the Bluffton Oyster Company and Pepper's Porch just across the street, Bluffton's Oyster Company should be hopping about now with the first of those tasty soft shelled crabs.


And while we are on the subject, the 2009 6th Annual Soft Shell Crab Festival is scheduled for 18 April, 2009 from 12 till 5pm, Paris Avenue out on Port Royal. There will be plenty of entertainment by the ever popular beach music shag bands The Showmen as well as Fatback, not to mention a classic car and truck display that same weekend.


Not going to be in the area on either weekend?  No problem, try the next one back over in Bluffton for the popular farmers market, as always as they celebrate the rights of spring. Earth Day will be a good time to help educate all of Beaufort County about good water quality as the Friends of the Rivers founder and one of the state’s first certified Master Naturalists likes to double emphasize every spring. Starting to make the connection between tasty and fresh in an eco-friendly environmental kind of way?


Back to the fresh seafood festival and grown locally produce where we started with all of this.  If you miss these first two events, come on back out to Beaufort the weekend after that for the Taste of Beaufort Seafood Festival on May 2nd. We always be about the good eats in the Lowcountry!

Spring is in the Air – Come to Coastal Georgia’s Historic Savannah

Here at Savannah Getaways, we value our strategic tourism partner, The Savannah Convention and Visitor's Center. They do a stellar job of layng out why it is one would want to come to Savannah's Landmark Historic District. Here is a wonderfully graphic slide show Titled "Fifty Reasons to Visit Savannah". If Savannah is anything at all during all the seasons it is the spring time of year when everything is in bloom as this slide show documents on the Savannah CVB web site.


Perhaps, you are a bit more visual and audio oriented in your tastes when it comes to figuring out why it is you would want to take in Savannah this travel season. If so check out the tasteful six minute video embed at the end of today's blog by Manhattan 77's accomplished Savannah getaways road trip in his/her Favorite Road Tour You Tube Post. Well done!


And finally, check out why it is you want to partake of your personalized Savannah Stay in one our amazingly affordable, exquisitely homey Savannah Getaways townhouses, Flip Key has the answer! So now that you think you might want to travel to the district and live like a local after reading the myriad 3 and 4 star independent reviews above by Trip Advisor owned Flip Key, call our reservation desk today at (866) 690 – 2074 and cut your best deal. So here's looking at you savvy traveler, until we rendezvous in Savannah, how can "we will always have Savannah" amongst new found friends?

Walk This Way – NOG’S April walking Garden Tour of 12 Private Gardens

Come to Savannah for the weekend of April 17 and 18 and take in the NOG’S (Time Honored traditional name of those residents that live in Savannah’s Historic District and never venture south of Gaston Street but rather North of Gaston Street in the Direction of River Street) private walking garden tour. A favorite past time of local Savannahians and tourists alike, this walking tour is sure to inspire garden lovers of every age.


These tastefully done twelve private walled garden tour venues also features The Massie Heritage Center, which has been restored and maintained by the walking tour sponsor, The Garden Club of Savannah. Sandwiches, Sweet Tea, and Cookies will be served at the renowned Harper Fowlkes House daily between 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM daily. For the first time, Savannah Garden Exposition will be a participating sponsor of this much anticipated event every spring season as they have combined their own much anticipated spring event with the older NOG’S Tour.


Walking Tour: 10am – 4pm
Rates: $45/ per person
$40/ per person with 10 or more