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Savannah Craft Brew Fest brewing up as a Labor Day Winner

Eat your favorite Low Country Fresh Seafood from the coastal waters of Georgia and wash it down with a wide selection of one of America’s favorite beverages, a choice Craft Brew. For the second year in a row, The Savannah Craft Brew Festival will be held this coming Labor Day weekend from September 4th through to the 7th. Friday night features the best of Georgia Beer and Food Pairings. And Saturday will boast 120 of America’s best Craft Brews at the Grand Tasting, Friday Night at the Morris Center in Trustees Garden. And starting at 1:00 PM on Saturday at the Savannah International Trade and Convention Center, the festivities continue on Hutchinson Island across from River Street. Don’t forget to stick around at the Westin Savannah Harbor for Saturday Night’s big finale, our Brews and Booms Fireworks Display. Now when have you ever seen a coastal Georgia river dog pirate miss an opportunity to suck down a brewski and shoot off some fireworks?


As the Savannah CVB said in a recent press release excerpt, “continue the bromance at the Savannah Craft Brew Fest. Enjoy the tastes of the Lowcountry while sampling craft brews that have been chosen to enhance the flavor. This event will feature live entertainment, the best of Southern cuisine and craft brews from across the United States. Tickets are $50 in advance and $75 at the door. The Savannah Craft Brew Fest will feature more than 120 different craft brews, live entertainment, delicious food offerings and souvenir items for sale. Overlooking the Savannah River and beautiful Historic Savannah, this outdoor event will be held on the Esplanade at the Savannah International Trade & Convention Center."


Best make your reservation early for your Craft Beer Festival Vacation Rental by Owner Townhouse in Savannah’s Landmark Historic District early. Looks like another sale out Labor Day weekend is brewing up along with the craft brew event.


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Savvy Savannah Vacation Travelers Save Money in all Seasons!

First of all, think of staying in an upscale private home rather than a small Bed and Breakfast Suite or a teeny tiny Hotel Room close to River Street. Secondly you don't have to be right near a seriously world class Destination City (Our Landmark Historic District is a Top Ten Destination once again in 2009) like Downtown Savannah to enjoy it. You only have to live reasonably close by automobile. Millions of History Lovers, Coastal Eco-Tourist Adventure Seekers, Beach Lovers, and Romantic Getaway Seekers among others live within an easy three hour drive from the Carolinas, Florida, and Georgia already – they comprise a large part of that 6 Million+ Travelers to Savannah every year already. Many of these repeat guests are returning for more value in a newly emerging Stay Vacation economy where more attention is paid to saving a drachma or two than previous years. So the extra emphasis on value is key when visiting our coastal Georgia paradise.


Speaking of Beach Lovers, wave riding enthusiasts can rent weekend vacation rental homes in Savannah's historic district during the summer high season for just two nights. That's right you heard right! Let me say it again, you can stay within 20 minutes of Tybee Island for as little as $95 per night (some restrictions apply, call or e-mail our reservation desk for details) based on participating one bedroom condos and townhouse suites within 14 days of check in during the height of the remaining high season. Make these reservations early, because deals this good are subject to slide right on out the door fairly quickly to other savvy travelers who double down on their beach getaway on a first come, first served schedule.

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And think midweek and off-peak for additional travel savings for our networked friends. You'll avoid crowds and save up to 50%. There are fewer tourists in town Sunday night through Wednesday, leaving more room in the district to move around at your leisure. Dates for the high season vary by the week due to one festival or another, so check with your travel agent.

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Tell me a story with plenty of Tall Tales

The Telfair Museum is hosting a rare opportunity to listen to some of the best story tellers that New York City has to offer. While we southerner’s like to think that nobody tells a taller tale than a low country bull-sprayer, this group can spin a pretty fair yarn as well. Case in point one of Georgia’s own, George Green from down around St. Simon’s Island way has carried his gift for gab viral about a decade ago when he moved up to the Big Apple. His robust story telling group that he founded, The Moth, is a going great guns as we like to say in the southland it would appear based on the excerpt from their website below:


"The Moth, a not-for-profit storytelling organization, was founded in New York in 1997 by poet and novelist George Dawes Green, who wanted to recreate in New York the feeling of sultry summer evenings on his native St. Simon's Island, Georgia, where he and a small circle of friends would gather to spin spellbinding tales on his friend Wanda's porch. After moving to New York, George missed the sense of connection he had felt sharing stories with his friends back home, and he decided to invite a few friends over to his New York apartment to tell and hear stories. Thus the first "Moth" evening took place in his living room. Word of these captivating story nights quickly spread, and The Moth moved to bigger venues in New York. Today, The Moth conducts six ongoing programs and has brought more than 3,000 live stories to over 100,000 audience members."


Show up this coming Thursday July 23rd for some mighty fine story telling at the Telfair Museum overlooking – wait for it, now – Telfair Square. Cocktail Hour commences at 7:00 PM with story telling to start at 8:00 PM.

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Historic Savannah and Charleston named 2009 Top Ten Travel Destination

For the second year in a row, The Hostess City of Savannah and The Holy City of Charleston have been named two of the Top Ten North American Destination City’s to visit in Travel and Leisure’s 2009 August publication. In spite of a bad economy, tourism travel continue to surge here in the Low Country, as international and National travelers join the many regional travelers to these two Historic Sister Cities. Both Cities moved up two slots each in 2009 over 2008.


Travel Editors continue to write of the history and beauty here in the lowcountry and why it is these two cities just a few hours apart remain so popular for savvy travelers. In his recent online article about both Charleston and Savannah, Southern road tripper Gary Aldrich gives coastal Savannah two thumbs up in his partially excerpted article below.


“Gary Aldrich, gave Savannah 5 stars, praising, [A wonderful Old-South getaway! I went with my best friend during a period of intense professional stress and by the end of our few days there, I was relaxed enough to return to work. The restaurants are wonderful, and the charming old houses and well-kept park squares are unlike anything else in the country. Being on a river and near the coast keeps it very mild, even in winter. Coastal Georgia is indeed a wonderful winter respite. I highly recommend it, especially when others are in such a mad rush to get to Florida!] His top picks were Comfort Suites Historic District, Old Pink House Restaurant, and the Squares of Savannah in the Historic District.”

With Labor Day coming up fast and the high season of fall and all of her fresh seafood bounty made available in the fall high season, come to the low country for your own customized weekend delight.


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Surf and Pier Fishing in coastal waters off Historic Savannah

DSC_0051 Now that summer has arrived with a vengeance after a cool, cool spring, head out on the highway for your favorite Georgia beach for surf, dock or pier fishing. Summer time is the right time to try your hand at some vacation fishing while waiting for the fall season. Low Country docks and piers from Charleston to Savannah still produce some red drum, sea trout and flounder, but the heat of the day makes fishing a moot point until the more favorable morning, evening, or even into the night hours of the fishing cycle. Of course, tides play an important part in this dynamic, so time these less warm hours to the incoming tide for best results.


If croaker, spots and whiting are your target fish, then pier fishing is a good vehicle to go full tilt boogey if surf fishing for whiting is not what you have in mind. While the debate about the preferred fishing bait of choice, dead shrimp versus live fiddler crabs may still go on in some serious angling circles for the aforementioned finny denizens of our teeming low country waters, either bait will do the trick. Many people believe that whiting can be picky eaters and actually prefer the shrimp peeled! Look for whiting just beyond the breakers on sandy bottoms and within the breaking surf where they periodically school from time to time.


king mackerels start showing up in fairly decent numbers along with the tourists during the summer season. This is a good time to stake out the very end of the ocean piers. Savvy anglers looking for kings fish the waters off the pier ends with live bluefish, blue runner or other small live fish under a float. During our sizzling summers, more large king mackerel are caught within one mile from our popular coastal Georgia beaches than anywhere else. So your odds for catching a nice king from the end of an ocean pier as opposed to charter fishing are very good indeed at this time of year.

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Rockets Red Glare over Tybee Island & Eco-Tours?

Looks like another kicking July 4th celebration here in the Lowcountry sports fans. Plenty of Good Times and Cold Beer to be had this past weekend in the Hostess City and her neighbor Savannah Beach, AKA Tybee Island. That whole Hot Fun in the Summer Time thing don’t you know? For those of you that missed the fireworks display this past weekend, check out the You Tube Video at the end of this article.


For the rest of you, conjugate on this if you will. I suspect many of you have already been there done that with that whole beach scene thingy. Looking for something a tad different this summer? Well then, have I got a different vacation experience in mind for you and yours! How about coming to coastal Georgia and take in some of the most pristine eco-tourism to be found here in the Low Country with our strategic partners, the good folks at Wilderness Southeast? Like they say in their promotional material:


“Explore Georgia’s true nature on a private tour arranged to accommodate your interests and itinerary. WiSE Nature Tours can provide a few hours or a whole day of wildlife discovery from birding to beachcombing and beyond. Visitors to Historic Savannah choose to explore by walking, paddling, or boating and by the wildlife and habitat they want to observe.” For the past 36 years, my favorite group of live oak tree-huggers have specialized in providing just the right atmosphere to learn about nature and wildlife. Their explorations for individuals, families, and groups integrate information from many diverse fields including biology, ecology, geology, astronomy, natural and cultural history. So come to lowcountry Georgia and see live gators in their natural habitat. Or maybe you just prefer to watch the fireworks display. That’s Okay too!


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