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In Pursuit of the Successful Artist up the Heritage Corridor


While we Savannahian’s like to think that we have some of the most cutting edge artists and galleries to be found in the lowcountry as a natural by product of the presence of the sprawling campus in the Historic District of The Savannah College of Art and Design, we tend to forget those equally gifted northern neighbors up the coast from the the Hostess City in the Holy City of Charleston. Our new found Low Country partner and friend, Ms. Laurel, posted her inaugural I Love Charleston blog about another accomplished coastal living artist, Dana Coleman back in October of last year. Now we have TWO REASONS to love our sister city of Charleston. Read Mrs. LaFlamme’s well done blog in it’s entirety below:

Charleston Art Community Praises the Lowcountry Paintings of World Renowned, Dana Coleman

Born and raised in Charleston SC, Dana Coleman’s artwork has reached international status.


With his tribute to the “Priscilla Project” his work will be featured in documentaries and history books throughout the world. A graduate of Trident Technical College in Charleston and the University of South Carolina in Columbia, Dana is pursuing his dream as a professional artist.

“I love the deep rich colors of the Charleston area and the way the light and shadow play on the beautiful sunsets, marshes and buildings. These are the things I enjoy painting,” says Dana. “I am fascinated with the rich architecture in this beautiful, historic city.”


Dana is married to Hope Coleman and has three wonderful children; Dana Jr, Raheen and Iree. Says Coleman, “Raising children teaches you patience. God and my family are my first priority, and my inspiration. I would also like to thank my loyal collectors and enthusiasts for making me one of the hottest artist’s in Charleston and beyond.” Dana also contributes a really cool website called I Love Charleston.

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Movie Makers always welcome to Savannah’s Historic District

Oscar winner Robert Redford knows a thing or two about making movies. Capturing the essence of your subject matter is crucial to movie makers in creating a memorable final product in any creative undertaking. I gotta believe Mr. Redford drew on his past Savannah experience in his latest directing effort is his new film The Conspirator. With shooting due to commence in Savannah, there is no mystery why Georgia's First City provides the preferred historic backdrop to such a wide variety of films.


This historical film is about boarding house owner Mary Surratt. She was convicted of aiding Abraham Lincoln’s assassin John Wilkes Booth in that Civil War generation's own "conspiracy theory." Mrs. Surratt was involved in the "hospitality industry" of that by gone era as a greater Washington era boarding house owner. While Redford is no stranger to Savannah having directed The Legend of Bagger Vance, starring Will Smith and Matt Damon, in Georgia’s oldest city in 1999.  The lead actress has played a memorable role in a film shot in the historic district, Forrest Gump, in 1994 as well. Who can ever forget the feather floating down into Chippewa Square? Tom Hanks’ love interest in his memorable portrayal of other worldly Forrest was Robin Wright Penn. She will co-star with James McAvoy in The Conspirator.


Speaking of Forrest Gump, my favorite Savannah Movie Tour Stop, catchy tunes are liberally sprinkled throughout this shot in Savannah Classic. While many movie buffs love the theme song composed for the floating feather sequence, being both a Creedence Clearwater Revival and Gary Sinise fan, I prefer the You Tube highlights below. Here’s wishing Mr. Redford and his high profile cast similar luck with the anticipated release of The Conspirator.

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Psst, Need a Girl Friend Getaway? Savannah is the Place


For the past decade, Savannah Getaways has been providing upscale private Townhouses large enough to host any size gathering in the midst of a popular top 10 Tourist Destination in a variety of categories. Whether you are coming for a Girl Friend Getaway (we cut our teeth on these upbeat gatherings many years ago), a unique destination wedding experience of any size, a business retreat, a family reunion, or Girl Scout "camp out/sleep over townhouse" for your troop's pilgrimage to the Juliette Gordon Low Home, Savannah Getaways has your back.


Low Country Savannah is a city with a unique variety of museums, from a couple of highly recognized art museums, one of Georgia's oldest history museum's or even a popular eco-tourism all natural environment "museum" out on Oatland Island that is second to none. And if music is what you and your buds are after, The Historic District has that in spades with anything from outdoor concerts in Forsyth Park (don't forget the Jazz Festival at the end of this month) to your favorite ear candy in City Market and River Street as well as some of the hippest night clubs and assorted venues you are likely to find in such a concentrated 2.5 square mile district.


And what better way for your group to relax after a busy day of sightseeing than in Savannah's # 1 rated Vacation Rental Condominium, Townhouse, Mansion, or urban loft than Savannah Getaways as documented on Flip Key? So lets review, expansive upscale private homes, beautiful eclectic décor, off street parking (in many of these historic homes) along with courtyard for early breakfast chit chat over coffee (case by case basis) and all conveniently situated smack dab in the middle of all the attractions the Historic District has to offer. Oh did we mention that we have a Theatre District? Ladies start your engines, coastal Savannah will prove to be the place that you return to year after year with your future Girl Friend's Weekend Getaway.

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Lowcountry Launch of Cruise Ships from Destination Charleston

Our new found lowcountry strategic partner, Laurel LaFlamme of Online Design fame headquartered up the road in Charleston understands Destination Tourism. Came across Mrs. LaFlamme last week while perusing Social Networking at it’s nuanced best, courtesy of Linked In’s sophisticated clientele. After a phone conversation or two, a few e-mails, and voila Laurel has agreed to let us post a blog or three from her tasty I Love Charleston Blogsite. Read the archived June Blog post inspired by First Class Cruise in it’s entirety below titled:

Charleston SC is known worldwide for being a historical Port City of old.


Charleston is home to the thriving Port of Charleston, the sixth largest U.S. container port by cargo value, has a large military presence and is a popular tourist destination with over 4.33 million visitors in 2007 (source: Office of Tourism at the College of Charleston).
In fact, according to the Charleston Regional Development Alliance, the visitor industry adds more than $3 billion to the local economy each year.
we know that people come here to vacation by the droves, and rightly so. Visitors love Charleston, because it’s just a beautiful place to be. But where do Charlestonians go to vacation? The Port of Charleston makes hopping a cruise easier than ever before, even with increased security. Thanks to Cruise Planners, booking a cruise out of Charleston is more affordable than ever!


SC business owners, Mike and Dianna Bogart, have been fixtures in our community specializing in vacation planning and cruises for over a decade. They’re almost like local celebrities around town. Everyone knows who they are!
Cruise Planners of Charleston can get you the best deal on a cruise leaving our local port because they have a sales volume that allows them to pass the discount straight to you without the middle-man. “Cruise Planners’ top national account status also means you reap the benefits of a competitively priced vacation at sea. “Cruise Planners has a tremendous reputation for quality, service, and very competitive pricing.” 


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Going Under The Verrazano Bridge 

Join the pros on a Destination Savannah Photo Shoot

For amateur and professional photographers alike Savannah offers a wide variety of great picture taking opportunities.


Our historic city situated at the northeastern most portion of the Peach State at the mouth of the Savannah River is filled with statuaries, iron work, countless beautiful hidden gardens. Our centuries old homes represent every architectural persuasion, story filled cemeteries and much more. Many well known motion picture films, unreleased and classic variety have been shot here utilizing the storied 24 squares of Savannah, the great old moss draped sidewalks, and the cobblestone streets as a hauntingly picturesque backdrop for many movies regardless of the chronological age of the plot line.


On any given day there are horse drawn carriages clopping down the street, weddings taking place in the squares and parks, boats going by on the river and arguably the most photographed Georgia icon of them all, the ever present Fountain at Forsyth Park. On our Savannah Getaways web site, we have featured many professional images for sale by a number of accomplished photogs. Perhaps the best of all is Savannah SCAD professor Kirt Witte artistic renderings who’s still images grace today’s blog. Check out his The Other Savannah website to get some insight to how the pros shoot an image.
For the rest of you “have camera, will travel” shutterbug enthusiasts, grab your camera and head to the most subject rich environment a videographer or photographer could possibly desire, low country Savannah in Coastal Georgia. Find out for yourself what photo shooting opportunities the lowcountry has to offer.


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Hammering Hank and Terrible Ted to be Honored

Today it was announced that baseball legend Henry Aaron and CNN Founder Ted Turner will be honored as new Georgia Trustees at the Georgia Historical Society’s Hodgson Hall location adjacent to Forsyth Park. The Georgia Days Birthday Bash and Awards Gala should be a well attended event for the always busy Valentine Day Kick Off of Savannah’s High Season next spring. The event will take place in Savannah, Georgia on Saturday, February 13, 2010 according to the excerpt below from the Georgia History website:


Mr. Aaron and Mr. Turner are being recognized for their historic achievements, philanthropic contributions, and vast community service that have played such an important part in the story of Georgia. They are two of the most important Georgians in post-World War II America.


In conjunction with the Governor’s Office, the Georgia Historical Society reconstituted the Georgia Trustees as a way of recognizing Georgians whose accomplishments and community service reflect the highest ideals of the founding body of Trustees. The original Georgia Trustees, a governing body chartered and appointed by His Majesty King George II of England in 1732 to establish a new colony in North America, founded the Georgia colony upon the principle of Non Sibi, Sed Aliis, “Not for Self but for Others.” They established and governed the colony with this vision until their disbandment in 1752 when Georgia became a royal colony. Reestablished in 2009, the Governor will make an annual appointment of new Trustees whose history-making accomplishments and service reflect the original Trustees’ ideals. Mr. Aaron's and Mr. Turner's names will be placed on the roll with the original Trustees from 1732.


The Georgia Historical Society, headquartered in Savannah, is the oldest cultural institution in the state and one of the oldest historical organizations in the nation.

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