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Christmas Tea for Two (or more) in Historic Savannah

Savannah’s 36th annual Holiday Tour of Homes is just around the corner on the weekend of December 11th and 12th this Christmas Holiday Season. This year’s popular Inside tour of elegant Savannah Homes promises to be as fulfilling as previous years with a lineup of two different tours, one featuring at least six historic homes on a walking tour in the afternoon and a night time walking tour enhanced by a Savannah Trolley ride through the district for those that prefer to ride.


Savannah Holiday events to be visited on this same weekend is a Victorian Tea in a private home and tours of different homes, an historic inn tour, or guaranteed to thrill Savannah Stage Event of “A Christmas Tradition” at the Old Savannah Theater. Our Savannah Getaways guests that will be in town for this festive event may want to check into the available tours and rates at The Downtown Savannah Neighborhood’s website, your official Savannah Holiday Tour Headquarters.

Guests will receive a complete Tour Program when they pick up their tickets at Tour Headquarters. The program includes maps, directions, and descriptions of all the homes. On duty staff at Tour Headquarters are available to assist our guests.


Nail down tour Holiday Tour tickets if you have not booked your historic vacation rental home and then make a selection from our roster of holiday homes in the section of the landmark Historic District that best meets your budget and hospitality needs by clicking on the link. For the 12th straight year, Savannah Getaways wishes you and yours a happy holiday season.

Savannah, A Dog Gone Good Travel Destnation

When taking that weekend getaway, scouting out possible relocation cities, or even taking that week long beach vacation it’s important for all members of your family to hang out together. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that Savannah is as popular of a Croc & Dog
dog friendly destination among coastal southern cities as you are likely to find in the U.S. The Hostess City will make sure your pet receive that warm southern hospitality Savannah is renowned for.

The Savannah area hosts many public parks and historic district squares where pets can exercise with the family after a day of waiting for them to return. The dog friendly promenades in and around the many parks and garden squares are a great way to give your dog some exercise while socializing with Dogs meeting Dogs
other local and visiting pet owners. If interested in touring and sightseeing, your pooch can even accompany you on many tours of the historic city be it "walking the dog" tours or pet friendly trolley tours (small pooches can sit in your lap for $1 more).

Dog friendly

And it doesn't stop there, many outdoor restaurants and cafes al fresca not only allow your dogs to dine with you, but they’ll even bring out a fresh dish of iced water for your pal. In fact, Fido might luck out and be able to join Noah the ice cream cone loving parrot below at Leopolds on Broughton Street. So bring your significant other friend – the four legged one that always remain true, come rain or come shine – on your next Coastal Georgia Visit. As the pet friendly clickable link list confirms there is much for your pet to see and do. And don't forget our pet friendly vacation rental lodging options either. Our reservation desk can point the way.

Holiday Home for your Tybee Island Vacation Rental

Out friend Paul Devivo and his home grown island staff do a great job of promoting Destination Tourism to coastal Georgia’s most popular sea island community, Tybee Island. With websites such as Tybee Visit and Tybee Island along with many several other highly trafficked websites in his stable of coastal Georgia Destinations, Paul has had a major economic impact on helping travelers find their way on out to Tybee Island, just 20 minutes away from Savannah’s Landmark Historic District.

While Holiday Accommodation Options for Thanksgiving and Christmas vacation rentals continues to fill up in Georgia’s First City in downtown Savannah, there are plenty of additional vacation rental lodging options still available out on Tybee Island.  267_06 - Tybee

Tybee Island Vacation Rentals are a perfect choice that will work equally well for the beach lovers among you. And Tybee Island Seafood is great holiday substitute for Thanksgiving Turkey or Christmas Baked Ham!

Family on Tybee

As the website above stipulates, "take the Islands Expressway through a few miles of wide sky and salt marshes to reach Tybee Island from downtown Savannah. This is where you’ll find Tybee Island — perhaps the most laid-back location on the southeastern coast.

On this uniquely charmed island, nature lovers mingle with movie stars, bird watchers with good ol’ boys. Pirate raids are regular happenings. There are parties of epic proportions and silent beach sunrises. And everyone on Tybee Island, from townie to tourist, watches out for the sea turtles.

There are miles of beach; forts and museums and a great old lighthouse; endangered birds and other animal species; kayaks and bikes to rent 267_02 - Tybee
(along with all kinds of hotels, motels, cottage and condo rentals too).

Days on Tybee Island are as active, or lazy, as mood demands. Local galleries, shops and restaurants offer changes of pace and taste. And, of course, historic Savannah’s nearby."

Millions of Visitor’s pay Tribute to Savannah’s War Veterans every year

As visitors quickly learn in touring our Historic Destination City, coastal Savannah and surrounding Chatham County has ALWAYS honored her war veterans. Whether you are promenading around turn of the century Forsyth Park and spy the Monument to our Confederate Dead on the old Parade Grounds or the statue to the fallen in the Spanish American War
Spanish American War & WWI at the back of the park, you get a sense of how it is Savannah honors her veterans.

Sgt. Jasper

Walking through the various squares throughout the district, you will note statues honoring names such as Sgt. Jasper, Pulaski, and Lafayette from Revolutionary War and era battles waged long ago. Move north to River Street and note the Viet Nam Memorial in Emmett Park fronting Bay Street

407476800hJrtvx_fs Viet Nam
erected in recent years. No surprise here as Savannah has always honored her veterans in a manner that few other American Cities rarely has.

But the greatest tribute yet may be the long overdue WWII Memorial dedicated this past Sunday, November 7th, 2010 on Riverfront Plaza featuring two striking 20’ high copper and bronze spheres representing “A World Apart” theme.

A world Apart Globe

Emblematic of the two theaters of war fought simultaneously across the Atlantic and the Pacific by our nation’s Greatest Generation, Savannah Getaways is proud to announce the latest Veterans Memorial implementation to our many new and returning guests. Georgia’s First City extends a heartfelt thank you to the 500+ residents of Chatham County who made the supreme sacrifice on behalf of their City and our Country.

According to a recent article in the Savannah Morning News, “the waterfront site, situated behind The Bohemian Hotel, was seen as a fitting way to also recognize Savannah's civilian war effort to build Liberty ships and supply the war effort.” While you are sure to appreciate all of Savannah’s Veterans Memorials, Statues, and Plaques while visiting The Hostess City, for further insight watch the You Tube video below put together by the Chatham County Veterans Council to enhance your understanding. We invite you all to make an online donation to the memorial that honors those that honored us by their service.

South of Broad, North of Gaston, either one a Prime Destination

When Sister Cities situated on and astride the South Carolina Coast continue to draw travelers in dizzying numbers year after year, there has to be a reason. When you hear the term SOB or NOG thrown around, then you just know that the term South of Broad ISOB book cover
is referencing the Holy City celebrated in best selling author Pat Conroy’s "South of Broad" about his beloved Charleston. Perhaps Conroy’s work of fiction best captures what it is that has made this renowned seaport city a Top Ten Destination City for travelers year after year.

South of Broad

John Berendt’s earlier best selling book and popular movie that debuted in the 90’s, Midnight in the Garden
"Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil" put Hostess City NOG’s (North of Gaston) squarely into the public consciousness. While Savannah has remained the lesser known sibling to her better known sister up the coast, she has made up plenty of lost ground over the past few decades thanks in large part to Berendt’s sensationalized true story about the infamous Savannah Antique Dealer and Historic Home Renovator Jim Williams amid the Historic District of 30 years ago.


Just over the past five years or so, Savannah has stepped into her own as a top ten destination in her own right thanks in large part to our Food Network Mega-Star Diva Paula Deen with her home base in sunny Savannah. Folks, if America’s best authors are inspired to write best selling books about these two historic ladies. And both historic cities are well known for their world class restaurants, isn’t it time you made the the pilgrimage to see what all the fuss is about?

Tune In Your IPod and Walk This Way!

While we like our Tour Partners in both Savannah and Charleston IStock_000004779589Small
here at Savannah Getaways we would be remiss if we did not point you towards the burgeoning world of the self catered Walking Tour as a viable option for you do it yourselfer's. We have recently started a collaborative relationship with a local company that is offering inexpensive downloadable tours of both Sister City's Historic District for those that prefer to roll their own.


Burton Sauls and City Trex is growing their selection of touring options and if their reviewer's comments tell us anything, these tours can only grow in the months ahead in variety and scope.

CityTrex iPod tour users say:

"Keep growing. You're awesome!"

"Cool tales, solid info, loved setting my own pace"

"I made new friends because of the tour, thanks!"

The Charleston Post and Courier spoke of their "Holy City" walking tour start up operation a few years back.

Check out their City Trex website, suscribe to their podcast and get a sense of the quality tours that are yours for the asking in either city. As they say on their site above:

"CityTrex MP3 Audio Walking Tours provide Self-guided walking tours that are one more authentic way to explore P3257997
Savannah’s Landmark Historic District or the Battery in Historic Charleston. Feel the freedom in going solo. Create quality time for couples – a half-day with the grandkids or a hand-holding date for romantics (two can tour for the price of one)