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Savannah’s Downtown Gallery Go Round


Now entering its fourth decade, Savannah’s College of Art and Design inspired downtown Arts District continues to lead the way for art lovers along coastal Georgia’s designated Creative Coast less than a dozen miles up the Savannah River. SCAD, as it is affectionately known, is now an international player with multiple campuses scattered around for all things art related.

Savannah Theatre

Meanwhile back here in the Lowcountry where it all started, our downtown galleries and artists are among Savannah’s most enduring attractions with transformative works of art in all their mediums. The historic district that General Oglethorpe probably imagined back in the day is in fact a teeming Art Destination when it comes to connecting collectors and art connoisseurs with the artists you can meet up with if you don’t mind a bit of a walk about. Take our Savannah Getaways Gallery Hop through the Historic District on your next trip to Savannah. Many of the art loving millions of annual visitors to Art Destination Savannah, make it a point upon their arrival to look in on key gallery venues, museums, artists’ studios, shops and restaurants strategically situated throughout this vibrant art community.


In need of a spring fling art themed getaway? Well here’s an insider tip that leaves enough time to prepare, SCAD’s annual Sidewalks Arts Festival is scheduled to be held once again in expansive Forsyth Park at the end of April. This is a really fun event that you don’t want to miss. Mark your calendar the weekend of April 30th on a Saturday, and you’re all set to complete your own customized Downtown Gallery Go Round.

Tour of Homes, Tall Ships & Music Festivals

Tall Ship Lynx South Mag
While March is going out like the proverbial lamb here in the low country, there is still ample time remaining this month to take advantage of three big events on the other side of our always sold out St. Patrick’s Day long weekend celebration. Take advantage of the upcoming Savannah Tour of Homes weekend featuring one of our very own historic vacation homes on Liberty Street, Little Tara. Buy a ticket and get a rare opportunity to review your next Savannah Vacation Rental.

Little tara

Another perennial spring favorite is the Savannah Music Festival that kicks off this weekend same as the tour of homes on March 24th. Now enjoying the 22nd record breaking season, this year’s musical event runs all the way through April 9 with plenty of music genres scattered throughout a multitude of historic district venues. Be like other savvy travelers that are choosing their dates on their next Savannah Getaway to enjoy their favorite style of music in close proximity to their downtown urban loft with the aid of our unique historic district mapping tool.

Header_headerimage_Savannah Music Festival

Rounding out the rest of the month of March is a one time only event, an opportunity to board a replica of our seafaring past, an awesome “Tall Ship” of the Privateer class of sailing vessels. The Lynx can be viewed at her berth at Port Savannah where she has been docked since the first of the month. Take a tour on this traveling museum at her Historic District River Street berth where she will be previewing the bicentennial celebration of the War of 1812 for an affordable $5 donation. Make your plans to visit one of America’s favorite historic stops, our Coastal Georgia Destination noted for our diversity of music, architectural tours and history over the next few weeks in particular. And if you do, you will be coming back for more, no doubt!

Savannah’s Best Historic District Online Map

Savannah Getaways has the most comprehensive map of the Historic District posted online to better understand Savannah’s 2.5 square mile Landmark District’s Attractions. Recent upgrades have made this an important mapping tool for our thousands of annual guests navigating from their Savannah Vacation Rental accommodations. Taking your own self guided walking tour of all the points of interest and attractions you have come to Lowcountry Georgia to see has never been easier.

To utilize our highly trafficked Savannah Getaways website, first click on our "Savannah Vacation Rentals” button on the drop down menu bar. Now note the clickable “Browse by Map” section. You can now locate your choice of a vacation rental loft, condo, townhouse, or historic home on our Savannah Browse by Map Section map by clicking onto our perforated map sections 1 – 9 such as map section six as an example.

To find historic district attractions, go to the “Points of Interest” map within the numbered quadrants. Scroll the map and you can see with precision what is available around your home-away-from-home vacation rental. You have now plan your day of sightseeing through Savannah’s “Top Ten Walking City” historic downtown area and not miss a thing!

You are now in a position to take a walking tour of the Hostess City, street by street to determine where the best vacation rentals in the business can be found in easy walking distance to your niece’s wedding at the Trinity Church off Telfair Square, the best location to view the St. Paddy’s Day Festivities along the parade route, or the closest vacation rentals to Paula Deen’s Lady and Son’s Restaurant. So next time you come to Savannah, know ahead of time where to find attractions from your specific quadrant within the historic district.


Twofer Foody Tour & Movie Tour for the price of One

Talk about an interesting story in a town known for her interesting stories, Leopold’s Ice Cream has to be right up there. This Lo-country Savannah family’s ability to provide old fashioned ice cream has been legendary among local Savannahians in the landmark Historic District for going nigh onto 100 years now. This home grown ice-cream restaurant located at 212 E. Broughton Street since 2004 is also a favorite of visitors to Coastal Savannah.

Family at Leopolds

Back to the story, one of the Leopold brothers, Stratton, went off to Hollywood to follow his dream of making movies. He became pretty successful at it too, considering he produced such well known movies as Mission Impossible III, Sum of All Fears, Paycheck, and the General’s Daughter to name but a few.

Now here is where the story gets interesting. Another local Savannahian went to Hollywood to get involved in the movie business as well, Ron Higgins.

Hollywood ron imagery

He too eventually returned to Savannah, and when he did, he launched a tour company built around, wait for it…… movies shot in Savannah! Launched in 2003, “Hollywood Ron’s” Savannah Movie Tour Company is not only highly successful about all things to do with movie making in Savannah, they do a nice job of providing a regional food themed “Taste of Savannah Tour” with their equally popular Savannah Foody Tour.

Leopold banner

And by the way, Leopold’s Ice Cream is one of the tour stops on the foody tour. How’s that for a twofer? For the same low price you get a snapshot of a bit of movie making history all combined at the same tour stop, Leopold’s Ice Cream Restaurant when you take the Savannah Foody Tour. And that’s why Savannah Getaways recommends you book the combination of this highly ranked ice cream restaurant and tour company tour.