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The Living History of Savannah’s Historic Forts


A recent Retirement Magazine listed Savannah Georgia as one of the top eight places to retire for the history lovers among that generation. The folks at the Where to Retire Magazine included Savannah at the top of their illustrious list of other well known Historic Sites along with Charleston S.C., Chattanooga, Tenn., and Fredericksburg, Virginia to name a few of the better known historic destinations. The common denominator of these destinations are their roles of witnessing important battles and conflicts that shaped American History as noted in their national and state parks on the outskirts of these historic cities.

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Savannah has witnessed a series of skirmishes and battles over the years starting with the arrival of the Spanish and their claiming of Creek Tribal lands for the Spanish Crown and subsequent attempts to convert the indigenous inhabitants to Catholicism. As the article relates below, if it works for retirees looking to live in Savannah, it works even doubly so for visitors to Historic Savannah.

Although it lasted only 30 hours, the Battle of Fort Pulaski changed the Civil War and military history. Now it’s that legacy and the memorable setting on the Georgia coast that attract retirees to volunteer at the national military park outside Savannah. Now it is that legacy and the memorable setting on the Georgia coast. For historians, the battle is notable because it demonstrated that masonry forts couldn’t hold up to a barrage of from rifled cannons. Unfortunately for the citizens of Civil War Savannah, in the end the Confederate garrisoned fort quickly fell to the Union forces. Downtown Savannah has itself has no shortage of appeal or history. The Hostess City, founded in 1733, is well known for it’s squares lined with Spanish-Moss covered live oaks amidst hundreds of restored architectural landmarks.

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Oh, and by the way, Savannah’s storied past is just a small part of what makes us a perennial top 10 destination year after year. Watch the Savannah Convention & Visitor's video below to learn more:

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The Savannah Black Heritage Festival

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The 23rd Annual Savannah Black Heritage Festival kicks off its celebration on February 1, 2012, and will continue through Thursday, February 16th with a smorgasbord of festival events. Each year, the festival presents programs and activities in the performing and visual arts for every age and every interest in school settings and in the public domain. A strong commitment to family and fun are featured in Low Country Savannah in the traditional Black History celebratory month of February.

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This year’s event is no different with a strong emphasis on Black cultural activities including dance, music, visual art exhibitions international and local in scope, culinary arts activities, crafts workshops and much, much more. Plan to be in attendance on the gala Grand Festival Day on February 11th in Savannah’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Center from morning on into the evening. The theme of this year’s festival is Journey’s, Passages, and Transitions.

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Attend the 23rd Annual Savannah Black Heritage Festival and enjoy the rich cultural contribution of Black Americans in Coastal Georgia’s Destination Savannah. Plan your trip around the posted schedule and secure your free tickets online as some events require these seating arrangements. The Festival is sponsored by the City of Savannah and Savannah State University.