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St. Patrick’s in Savannah

409731485Savannah has several nicknames and probably the two most fitting are “The Festival City” and “Hostess City of the South”. Savannah hosts over 200 festivals and events year! Our biggest event, Saint Patrick’s Day, is just around the corner and needless to say it’s a huge event for our little
city. Depending on what day of the week St. Pats falls on determines how many people come to share in our party. The range of out of town visitors can vary from 300,000 people to over one million (if the holiday falls on the weekend). For a city of 140,000 people, that’s a big jump.

Without some planning ahead, trying to navigate your way around Savannah can get pretty tough.  If I could give visitors one tip, it would be this jewel of wisdom handed down from my father, early is on time and on time is late.

This year’s parade will be on Saturday, March 16thstarting at 10:15am. If you are looking for a comfortable spot to sit and watch the parade, you will want to arrive much earlier than that. The popular squares of Savannah along the parade route are roped off to everyone the night before
the parade and aren’t opened up until 6am the morning of the parade. Do Savannahians actually set up their viewing spots four hours before the parade starts? YES WE DO! Does this mean you have to wake up at 5 am to enjoy your day? No. Our parade is nearly 4 hours long and can feature over 20,000 participants in the parade itself.  I personally have sat on a square from 7am to about 2:30 in the afternoon and took in the entire parade. I’ve also spent a day just walking along the parade route stopping in available spots to catch bits and pieces of the parade and I’ve come to this conclusion …
There is no wrong way to enjoy the day!