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Calling all Savannah Mudders

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Here at Savannah Getaways, we have always tried to live up to our Live Like A Local philosophy that has served us well over the past fifteen years.  We like to think that along the way of offering exceptionally upscale vacation rental facilities at the most affordable rates to be found in downtown Savannah that rate out at a 4.70 rating on Flip Key, we must be doing something right. Here is a slight change up on that theme. How about “run through the mud with the locals” on the annual JCB sponsored mud run coming up later this week?

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Now that the cooler spring weather has subsided, it’s time for some of our more sports minded travelers to get out and get dirty in some low country mud. Bring your family and friends and spring into the summer vacation season along with some of our local Savannahian most enduring runners.

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For all those runners that come to Savannah for our Rock and Roll Marathon and 5K Savannah River Bridge Run as a for instance, what could be more unique than becoming a Savannah Mudder during this coming weekend’s mudfest? There is still a little time left to sign up for this unique event.


June 7th was the kick-off date for the month long Telfair Museum’s exploration of the influence of New York on their permanent collection. The museum’s Savannah’s summer calendar of events  reveals New York Accents features a number of fine art objects, many of them decorative in nature dating back to the early 19th century through the current era. The cost of admission for this important show is $12 to review any single site or enjoy your own trifecta by visiting all three locations in close proximity to each other in Savannah’s landmark historic district off Telfair Square (section four of our points of interest map), Telfair Academy of Arts and Sciences, the Jepson Center for the Arts, and the Owens-Thomas House (section two points of interest map, east of Oglethorpe Square) for only $20.

New York Accents images

New York Accents images

While downtown Savannah is a popular destination for a multitude of reasons, don’t miss out on the artistic and cultural aspects of the Hostess City if gaining perspective on the shaping of a coastal city is important nourishment for your low-country visit, the Telfair serves up some of the tastiest fare in the district in that regard.


The Telfair Home back in the day

The Telfair Home back in the day

In fact the Telfair Museums are always a good place to visit every trip to Savannah as they continue changing up their artistic offerings throughout the seasons. Calendar year 2014, although halfway over, promises to be an even better year than a stellar 2013. Over the past fifteen years, Savannah Getaways has specialized in providing accommodations that allow you the traveler, to live like a local. We have some pretty good tips on where the more discriminating locals are likely to hang out as well.

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