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Dogs Rule on River Street

Rousakis Riverfront Plaza located at 115 East River Street is the appropriate rally point for the Dog Days of Summer on River Street the first weekend in August. Just steps away from all the River Street and City Market attractions you will likely come to visit, why not bring that furry kid along with you and spoil them rotten along River Street with doggy treat after doggy treat on the one weekend you can count on this year that will most definitely go to the dogs.

Dog Days 1

Local Savannahians know how to embrace all the seasons in our top ten destination (or 29 most surreal locations to visit if you prefer) with a variety of festivals.  So of course August’s First Friday Weekend (one of twelve throughout the year) on River Street will be one that our two legged and four legged guests can enjoy together. The Savannah Waterfront Association has quite a Dog Days of Summer throw down planned for August 1-2 at Rousakis Riverfront Plaza on historic River Street along the northern border of downtown Savannah fronting the inbound and outbound ship laden Savannah River.

Dog Days 2

Don’t know about our First Friday Fireworks Weekends along the Savannah River? River Street will be bursting with culinary delights of every description for all our foody loving friends from some of historic Savannah’s most accomplished eating establishments for your traveling palate. And we don’t forget your favorite furry friend’s less not overly discriminating foody needs either.  Many of the booths will have doggy bags available mostly because Savannah is a doggone good dog loving town to hang out with your dog in. Your family and friends want believe you on your return? Then document your Dog Days of Summer sojourn with that very special pooch at the photo booth!

Forest Gump on an undersized shrimp boat?

Forest Gump on an undersized shrimp boat?

Dog Days of Summer paws off on Friday, August 1 at 4:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. and starts back up with much wagging of the tail on Saturday from 10:00 am to 10:00 p.m. First Friday Fireworks as presented by Wet Willie’s begin at 9:30 p.m. on Friday. Like all First Weekend Celebrations, this event is free and open to the public. One thing for sure, you never know what you will find on River Street with your kids, furry or otherwise!


Kid Friendly Savannah


Pirates House Restaurant where the dining amongst pirates is the norm

Pirates House Restaurant where the dining amongst pirates is the norm

Savannah in the summer has a variety of fun things to do for children of all ages when the shores of Tybee are simply not enough to keep your kids amused.  Savannah is quite kid friendly in a historic manner if one knows where to look. Our Coastal Heritage Society in coastal Georgia is a fine place to start with Old Fort Jackson just minutes away from downtown Savannah, Fort Pulaski, a little further out Highway 80 the Georgia State Railroad Museum just across MLK Jr. Boulevard south of Oglethorpe St., and the Pin Point Heritage Museum celebrating the Gullah/Geechee island lifestyle off highway 204 on the route to Skidaway Island.

Dating back to the 1820's, Fort Pulaski was part of a chain of coastal forts precipitated by the War of 1812

Dating back to the 1820′s, Fort Pulaski was part of a chain of coastal forts precipitated by the War of 1812

The recently opened Savannah Children’s Museum is located right beside the Roundhouse Railroad Museum at 655 Louisville Road from 9:00 AM through 2:00 PM Tuesday through Sunday. Open now is Exploration Station phase 1 featuring a unique 1 acre, 2 level outdoor exhibit area set in the ruins of a Central of Georgia Railroad building. Or take a run out to a fun attraction off the Islands Expressway, the Oatland Island Wildlife Center replete with nature trails throughout featuring low country hardwood forests and mashes. Along the trail in their natural habitat, you can view panthers (if they will come out of their lairs), bears as they eat their treats, eastern timber wolves, alligators, many different flying raptors, and even a non-local bison or three.

One of many onsite aircraft, circa WWII

One of many onsite aircraft, circa WWII

Military History buffs will want to take in the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum just off I-95. Be prepared to spend half a day in this air-conditioned facility where your young flyer can experience what it was like to fly a B-17 bomber aboard the museum’s interactive flight simulator. Hear the sounds of the engines and the spinning of the propellers as computer monitors reflect cockpit windows and flight controls. Other exhibits include a B-17 bomber that’s undergoing complete restoration and is on display in the Combat gallery. End your day dining with pirates in Savannah’s landmark eatery The Pirates House. Initially opened in 1753 as an inn for seafarers, legend has it that a long ago sea captain from the Robert Louis Stevenson inspired novel “Treasure Island” fame died in an upstairs room with first mate, Billy Bones, at his side. See a tunnel that’s rumored to extend from underneath the restaurant to the Savannah River where drunken seamen were shanghaied. Characters in pirate costume mill about during meal times.

1 x Land, 1 X Sea = Savannah Fireworks Display

Savannah 1

As Hurricane Arthur works it’s way north to the Outer Banks off coastal North Carolina, we can celebrate the passing of this hurricane season’s first weather event with a fireworks display on Tybee Island tonight and Downtown Savannah overlooking River Street on Friday evening. Well, maybe we are being a little disingenuous as both these two annual 4th of July celebrations were already in the works. The Tybee Island Pier will get a jump on July 4th tonight with their Dark Thirty Fireworks Display, at approximately dusk around 9:15 PM. While the fireworks display will be staged on the pier, this impressive display is easily viewed from any of Tybee’s eastern beaches.

Savannah 2
Meanwhile, a mere 20 minutes away by car, the Savannah Waterfront Association will be hosting their annual Fourth of July festival all weekend long beginning the next day on Friday, July 4th and continuing through Sunday, July 6th along historic trolley car line over cobblestone paved River Street. Viewing the fireworks on River Street is a long standing “live like a local” Savannah tradition that everyone turns out to see, be they local residents or visitors to the Hostess City. And Savannah and Tybee Island both do the many fireworks displays that provide throughout the calendar year right! The Fourth of July Celebration and Fireworks Extravaganza will kick off Friday, July 4th at 4pm on Rousakis Plaza. As usual, some mighty fine live musical bands will be performing on the Arbor Stage with special performances from Those Cats at 6 PM followed by The Hypnotics at 8 PM. œThese bands are local favorites This year, the Hypnotics will be performing a patriotic set during the fireworks to compliment the fireworks extravaganza. Those viewing the fireworks away from the Arbor Stage can also tune into Y100-WXYY-FM for more patriotic tunes during the fireworks display.

savannah 3

The festivities will continue on Saturday featuring another live performance for guests to dance to from the Radio Birds at 8pm. Festival Hours are 4-10pm on Friday, 10am-10pm on Saturday, and 10am-5pm on Sunday. Regional artisans will be set up along the plaza displaying a variety of handmade works for festival goers to browse through. Let’s review: Tybee Island Pier tonight on July 3rd starting at 9:15 PM. And River Street Savannah starting on Friday afternoon, July 4th 2014 through Sunday afternoon July 6th , 2014 – Friday, July 4: 4-10 p.m., Saturday, July 5: 10 a.m. 10 p.m., Sunday, July 6: 10 a.m.- 5 p.m.

It’s always GOLF season!

I remember as a child, watching The Masters
Masterson the television with my family in Pennsylvania. It was as much an art and nature spectacle as it was a sporting event. It was nearly impossible for us in central Pennsylvania to comprehend a place so green, so lush, and so fully in bloom anywhere in North America, seeing as we were still very much stuck in winter.



5tt56y66yThis is the primary reason I moved south nearly 20 years ago. I have zero interest in ice skating or skiing. I lived less than 10 miles from a ski resort and never went skiing there. ZERO INTEREST. I fish. I golf. I do neither in the snow. I often get asked why I moved south and my number one answer is, "golf year round".

There is just something about being out on the course, any time of day, any day of the week. Like so much of Savannah, golf here is so laid back. Probably because of the fact that we can play year round, we don't have tee times that start at 5:30am, and we don't have 5 months out of the year where our courses are closed.

Between Savannah and Hilton Head there must be thirty plus golf courses open to the public, all within a 45 minute drive of downtown Savannah!
Savannah is the home of many "firsts". Here is one many don't know. It's the birthplace of golf in the United States!
The Savannah Golf Club started in 1794! Civil war fortifications on the property were left in tact as part of the design of the course. Unfortunately this is a private course, but there are so many public and "semi-private" courses to choose from in the area.

For quality courses close to downtown, your best bets are The Club at Savannah Harbor, Wilmington Island Golf Club, and Southbridge Golf Club. Other good choices in the Savannah area include Henderson Gold Club and Crosswinds Golf Club.

For a little longer drive out of Savannah, the Bluffton/Hilton Head area is a virtual mecca of golf. While there are great choices on Hilton Head itself the best deals are located "off island" in Bluffton. My absolute favorite course in the area is Hilton Head National. Located Off island it rivals the quality of any of the semi-private resort courses on Hilton Head for much less money.

Insider tip: Use Golf Now to book your tee time. It's free to use and can save you over 50% on tee times.

The quality of golf in the Savannah area is recognized by the PGA Tour and the Champions Tour by back to back tournaments here in the area. The PGA's RBC Heritage visits Hilton Head the week after The Masters and the following week the Champions Tour visits Savannah with The Liberty Mutual Insurance Legends of Golf. This is a great time to be here as many of the professional golfers play both tournaments and stay in the area for both weeks. (Many can be seen in our restaurants and local watering holes)

Alligator-golf-ball-300x200With our warm climate and plethora of great golf courses, Savannah is a great place to visit for thegolfer and golf fan any time of year. While playing, keep an eye out for alligators and bald Eagles during your round. They can be found around the area year round!

Some local golf trivia:

PGA Tour Pros Brian Harmon and Gene Sauers hail from Savannah.

The movie The Legend of Bagger Vance was filmed in parts of Savannah.

Boys of Summer

IMAG0476_BURST015It’s springtime in Savannah! It’s just a glorious time to be here. With our St. Patrick’s Day event, Savannah Music Festival, pro golf visits, endless flowers in bloom, not to mention PERFECT

WEATHER! Springtime also brings one of my favorite Savannah activities …
Savannah Sand Gnat baseball!

2407839335_977e74687b_zThe history of the Sand Gnats in Savannah dates back to 1904! Historic Grayson Stadium , the Savannah Sand Gnats home, was constructed the year Marilyn Monroe and Andy Griffith were born, 1926. A year that saw the first flight over the north pole, the first transatlantic phone call (from London to NYC), and the passing of Annie Oakley 

After a hurricane leveled much of the original structure in August of 1940, a rebuliding effort began on the stadium in 1941 spearheaded by it’s namesake, Spanish-American War veteran, General William L. Grayson. Though the United States entry into World War II delayed the completion of the metal roof, play continued during the 1941 season as the rebuilding progressed.


Historic Grayson Stadium, like it’s home of Savannah, has seen history and made some along the way.
It has had legends such as Shoeless Joe Jackson, Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle and Jackie Robinson play on it’s turf. It also saw the South Atlantic League color barrier break in the with Al (Izzy) Israel and Junior Reedy in the 1953 Opening Day line up.

Since 1996 the Savannah Sand Gnats have placed 62 players into “the show” (the major leagues)! It’s what I love about seeing minor league ball. The chance to see someone play that, in a few years, will be building a hall of fame resume.

The opening day game for the Gnats this year is April 4th and the regular season runs into September. That gives us plenty of opportunities to enjoy a day at the park. Different days mean
different things at Grayson and my favorite, “Thirsty Thursdays”, appeal to many Savannahians need for beer and drinks. Nearly every night features some sort of promotion including many nights of fireworks! Enjoy a day at the park during your visit! Watch the future visit the past during the present!

(insider tip) Bring bug spray!

Evidently actual sand gnats enjoy warm still nights and baseball fans of Savannah. Also, enjoy the antics of Gnate the Gnat! of sports BEST mascots! Gnate has his own Facebook page and has been featured on ESPN!


St. Patrick’s in Savannah

409731485Savannah has several nicknames and probably the two most fitting are “The Festival City” and “Hostess City of the South”. Savannah hosts over 200 festivals and events year! Our biggest event, Saint Patrick’s Day, is just around the corner and needless to say it’s a huge event for our little
city. Depending on what day of the week St. Pats falls on determines how many people come to share in our party. The range of out of town visitors can vary from 300,000 people to over one million (if the holiday falls on the weekend). For a city of 140,000 people, that’s a big jump.

Without some planning ahead, trying to navigate your way around Savannah can get pretty tough.  If I could give visitors one tip, it would be this jewel of wisdom handed down from my father, early is on time and on time is late.

This year’s parade will be on Saturday, March 16thstarting at 10:15am. If you are looking for a comfortable spot to sit and watch the parade, you will want to arrive much earlier than that. The popular squares of Savannah along the parade route are roped off to everyone the night before
the parade and aren’t opened up until 6am the morning of the parade. Do Savannahians actually set up their viewing spots four hours before the parade starts? YES WE DO! Does this mean you have to wake up at 5 am to enjoy your day? No. Our parade is nearly 4 hours long and can feature over 20,000 participants in the parade itself.  I personally have sat on a square from 7am to about 2:30 in the afternoon and took in the entire parade. I’ve also spent a day just walking along the parade route stopping in available spots to catch bits and pieces of the parade and I’ve come to this conclusion …
There is no wrong way to enjoy the day!

Sporting Goods

Football Season might not kick-off until September, but you’ll have the chance to meet up with some of the Jacksonville Jaguars players, coaches and cheerleaders as they caravan into Savannah tomorrow night at the Charles H. Morris center.  Bring the family for music, food, games, prizes, and get autographs from those scheduled to participate like Brad Meester, Greg Jones, Zach Miller, Quarterback Blaine Gabbert and former Jaguar, Tony Boselli.
Jaguar Bus

If baseball is your sport of choice, then you won’t want to miss the Class A Savannah Sand Gnats double header tomorrow night as they take on the Ashville Tourists.  It’s Thirsty Thursday and that means half-price small sodas and beers all night!  It’s also Ladies’ Night, which means ladies pay only $5 admission with this coupon.  They’ll be at home for a stretch next week taking on the Charleston River Dogs on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Each day is a different promotion; from $1 off tickets, to buy one-get-one beer, to free webkinz for the kids.  Check out all the discounts here!

Want something a little more fast paced?  Then you won’t want to miss the Savannah Derby Devils next week as they host a back-to-back bout against the Palmetto State Rollergirls of Myrtle Beach.  These girls might be rough and tough on the track, but they have a soft heart and give back to the community by partnering with local non-profit groups at each game.  Next week, all raffle proceeds will go to America’s Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia and you’re encouraged to bring a canned food item. This family-friendly event will have you rockin’ and rollin’ with live music and kids activities, so bring the family.  Kids 2 – 12 are only $2. (Adults $12 – $16). 

Derby Devils
If you’re following the NBA finals, you can belly up to just about any bar and catch the game – Churchill’s Pub, Wild Wing and Coach's Corner are some of the local favorites for any game day.
While Savannah might not have a national team, we’re happy with our small town favorites and support them with the same heart.  We hope you’ll join us!

The Savannah Black Heritage Festival

Black History 1

The 23rd Annual Savannah Black Heritage Festival kicks off its celebration on February 1, 2012, and will continue through Thursday, February 16th with a smorgasbord of festival events. Each year, the festival presents programs and activities in the performing and visual arts for every age and every interest in school settings and in the public domain. A strong commitment to family and fun are featured in Low Country Savannah in the traditional Black History celebratory month of February.

Black History 1_1

This year’s event is no different with a strong emphasis on Black cultural activities including dance, music, visual art exhibitions international and local in scope, culinary arts activities, crafts workshops and much, much more. Plan to be in attendance on the gala Grand Festival Day on February 11th in Savannah’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Center from morning on into the evening. The theme of this year’s festival is Journey’s, Passages, and Transitions.

Black History 3

Attend the 23rd Annual Savannah Black Heritage Festival and enjoy the rich cultural contribution of Black Americans in Coastal Georgia’s Destination Savannah. Plan your trip around the posted schedule and secure your free tickets online as some events require these seating arrangements. The Festival is sponsored by the City of Savannah and Savannah State University.

Polar Bear Plunges in the Lowcountry

Tybee 1_1

From the sandy shores of Sullivans Island facing across Charleston Harbor to Historic Fort Sumter, south to the also not overly cool waters off of coastal Georgia’s favorite beach, Savannah Beach better known asTybee Island, New Year’s Day 2012, saw a record number of polar bear plungers with 5000+ combined participants at each event. The Savannah Morning News and the Charleston City News document each chilly venue’s event.

Tybee 2_2

One world record enthusiastically — and unofficially — obliterated. Aided by sunny skies with temperatures near 70, organizers of the annual Tybee Island polar bear plunge counted more than 2,000 good-natured folk willing to don swim caps to break a Guinness World Record. Once corralled and counted shortly after noon Sunday, they plunged into the 57-degree water to the strains of Queen's "We Are The Champions" echoing from the Tybee pier. The Guinness challenge also served as a fundraiser for the Tybee Post Theater. Funds from registration will help pay for new restrooms and air conditioning at the theater, but Jim Kluttz, president of the board of Friends of Tybee Theater, said the main reason was even simpler.

Tybee 3_3

Sunday’s Polar Plunge on Sullivan’s Island drew hundreds of people who wanted to ring in the New Year with a dip in the not-quite-icy waters of the Atlantic. Hosted by Dunleavy’s Pub and benefiting the Special Olympics, the afternoon plunge featured revelers of all ages dressed up as everything from cops in cutoffs to giant solo cups diving into the sea. Everyone enjoyed splashing around, from kids and parents to dogs and the still-drunk-from-the-night-before.

Celebrate Black History, Winter 2012

Sapelo 1

If researching your West African roots is your idea of time well spent on a getaway road trip worth taking, the lowcountry roads that run through coastal Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina may provide just the fact filled glimpse into daily life in Colonial era America that will set you free. The 30 mile wide swath of the Gullah Geechee Corridor that extends from Wilmington, North Carolina all the way down to St. Augustine, Florida is the ticket. Visiting historic districts like those found on Daufuskie Island or Sapelo Island's Hog Hammock in Low Country Georgia alone features a weekend to "live like a local" in a rich cultural environment of living the unpretentious good life among nature's bounty.

Sapelo 3

Look in on the official website that points the way to the black history lover along the Heritage Corridor below:

Due to their isolation during the 17th-19th centuries, the population, known as Gullah in the Carolina's and Geechee in the Georgia, and their descendents, were able to develop distinctive speech, styles of dress, and architecture, in addition to self-sufficient farming and fishing traditions that distinguished them from other groups in the region.

Visit Historic Savannah in both January or February to take part in the Martin Luther King, Jr. celebrations during Dr. King's birthday and his National Day of commeration. Weekend dates are filling up fast during both months, so don't delay if booking your Historic Savannah Black History vacation rentals during the Annual Savannah Black Heritage Festival is something you had in mind.

Sapelo 2

The 23rd Annual Savannah Black Heritage Festival kicks off its celebration on February 1, 2012, and will continue through Thursday, February 16th with some pre- and post-festival events. Each year, the festival presents programs and activities in the performing and visual arts for every age and every interest in school settings and in the public domain. Fun and family are emphasized through out the celebration.