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Live like a local, be respectful of your neighbors!

local 1When you live like a local on your Savannah Getaway, it should start with the same respect you likely demonstrate in your own community of origin. Simply stated, be respectful of the year round neighbors on the Savannah block you are staying in. Your Savannah vacation rental home is smack dab in the middle of local Savannahians. Hence our live like a local slogan that has served us well for the past 15 years now.

So apply the same common sense and neighborliness you employ in obeying laws and ordinances in the cities and communities you came from and you are not likely to get sideways on your Savannah vacation with year round neighbors or law enforcement! Just as in your own hometown, there are laws and ordinances that prohibit excessive, unnecessary and unreasonable levels of noise. These laws are enforced by the local police departments. Savannah is no exception when it comes to enforcing the “silence is golden rule” in the wee hours of the night.

Local 2

Over the years our guest services and reservation desk receive an ever growing number of complaints from neighbors about excessive noise levels after 10:00 PM when the noise ordinance law kicks in. While this is a small number of noisy guests for the most part, clear communication about consequences to this handful of ignoring noise ordinances make for better relationships between Savannah Getaways and their neighbors.  We will not knowingly tolerate a noise nuisance in our vacation rental homes once we have been made aware of boorish behavior that we represent for the property owners and their neighbors.

Local 3

This noisy neighbor complaint has become such an issue in the historic district of Savannah, real or perceived, that some of the ward captains have raised a clamor within the 31401 zip code to such an extent, that the city is now reviewing local ordinances with an eye for making sure that the quality of life is the same for our Savannah guests and true Savannah locals alike. These new laws, in part intended to keep rowdy revelers tamped down on their visit, will likely go into effect in the next few months. So be apprised, for those of you that are coming to town to party down, our rental homes are not for you. While the posted images within this blog are reflective of something more akin to drunk and disorderly in the district, you are out of line if the police have to be called out to remind you to keep it down, this is not to be confused with what we mean when we speak of “living like a local”.

local 4

“We know from experience that nearly all of our guests DO act like good neighbors while in Savannah.  We truly appreciate that and welcome you to Savannah, our serene Hostess City.”

It’s always GOLF season!

I remember as a child, watching The Masters
Masterson the television with my family in Pennsylvania. It was as much an art and nature spectacle as it was a sporting event. It was nearly impossible for us in central Pennsylvania to comprehend a place so green, so lush, and so fully in bloom anywhere in North America, seeing as we were still very much stuck in winter.



5tt56y66yThis is the primary reason I moved south nearly 20 years ago. I have zero interest in ice skating or skiing. I lived less than 10 miles from a ski resort and never went skiing there. ZERO INTEREST. I fish. I golf. I do neither in the snow. I often get asked why I moved south and my number one answer is, "golf year round".

There is just something about being out on the course, any time of day, any day of the week. Like so much of Savannah, golf here is so laid back. Probably because of the fact that we can play year round, we don't have tee times that start at 5:30am, and we don't have 5 months out of the year where our courses are closed.

Between Savannah and Hilton Head there must be thirty plus golf courses open to the public, all within a 45 minute drive of downtown Savannah!
Savannah is the home of many "firsts". Here is one many don't know. It's the birthplace of golf in the United States!
The Savannah Golf Club started in 1794! Civil war fortifications on the property were left in tact as part of the design of the course. Unfortunately this is a private course, but there are so many public and "semi-private" courses to choose from in the area.

For quality courses close to downtown, your best bets are The Club at Savannah Harbor, Wilmington Island Golf Club, and Southbridge Golf Club. Other good choices in the Savannah area include Henderson Gold Club and Crosswinds Golf Club.

For a little longer drive out of Savannah, the Bluffton/Hilton Head area is a virtual mecca of golf. While there are great choices on Hilton Head itself the best deals are located "off island" in Bluffton. My absolute favorite course in the area is Hilton Head National. Located Off island it rivals the quality of any of the semi-private resort courses on Hilton Head for much less money.

Insider tip: Use Golf Now to book your tee time. It's free to use and can save you over 50% on tee times.

The quality of golf in the Savannah area is recognized by the PGA Tour and the Champions Tour by back to back tournaments here in the area. The PGA's RBC Heritage visits Hilton Head the week after The Masters and the following week the Champions Tour visits Savannah with The Liberty Mutual Insurance Legends of Golf. This is a great time to be here as many of the professional golfers play both tournaments and stay in the area for both weeks. (Many can be seen in our restaurants and local watering holes)

Alligator-golf-ball-300x200With our warm climate and plethora of great golf courses, Savannah is a great place to visit for thegolfer and golf fan any time of year. While playing, keep an eye out for alligators and bald Eagles during your round. They can be found around the area year round!

Some local golf trivia:

PGA Tour Pros Brian Harmon and Gene Sauers hail from Savannah.

The movie The Legend of Bagger Vance was filmed in parts of Savannah.

Celebrate Black History, Winter 2012

Sapelo 1

If researching your West African roots is your idea of time well spent on a getaway road trip worth taking, the lowcountry roads that run through coastal Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina may provide just the fact filled glimpse into daily life in Colonial era America that will set you free. The 30 mile wide swath of the Gullah Geechee Corridor that extends from Wilmington, North Carolina all the way down to St. Augustine, Florida is the ticket. Visiting historic districts like those found on Daufuskie Island or Sapelo Island's Hog Hammock in Low Country Georgia alone features a weekend to "live like a local" in a rich cultural environment of living the unpretentious good life among nature's bounty.

Sapelo 3

Look in on the official website that points the way to the black history lover along the Heritage Corridor below:

Due to their isolation during the 17th-19th centuries, the population, known as Gullah in the Carolina's and Geechee in the Georgia, and their descendents, were able to develop distinctive speech, styles of dress, and architecture, in addition to self-sufficient farming and fishing traditions that distinguished them from other groups in the region.

Visit Historic Savannah in both January or February to take part in the Martin Luther King, Jr. celebrations during Dr. King's birthday and his National Day of commeration. Weekend dates are filling up fast during both months, so don't delay if booking your Historic Savannah Black History vacation rentals during the Annual Savannah Black Heritage Festival is something you had in mind.

Sapelo 2

The 23rd Annual Savannah Black Heritage Festival kicks off its celebration on February 1, 2012, and will continue through Thursday, February 16th with some pre- and post-festival events. Each year, the festival presents programs and activities in the performing and visual arts for every age and every interest in school settings and in the public domain. Fun and family are emphasized through out the celebration.

2011 Holiday Tour of Homes

Victorian Pesident's Inn

Once again the Savannah Holiday Tour of Homes program is slated to take place this coming weekend, December 9 – December 11th that includes afternoon and evening tours of Historic Savannah Homes and Victorian Tea in a wonderfully restored Savannah mansion. On Sunday, visitors to historic downtown Savannah will have the opportunity to tour a selection of Savannah's prestigious Historic Victorian Inns and top off a delightful Savannah Weekend with a special live Holiday Show at the historic Savannah Theater. Check out the official Holiday Tour of Homes website for your scheduled tour of homes week end experience as shown below:

Victorian Women in Carriage

Friday, Dec 9th

Begin your Savannah weekend by attending the City Market Holiday Open House. Experience the beauty of holiday decorations including hundreds of lights and over 500 luminaria in the courtyard. Enjoy Christmas carolers, visit with Father Christmas, and sample holiday treats in the shops and galleries. This annual Open House starts at six pm and continues until nine. Wayne Chambers, Holiday Tour of Homes' featured artist, will be welcoming guests in his gallery.

Saturday, Dec 10th

At least six stunning historic properties are featured on each of our afternoon and evening House Tours — 12 different properties in all. Another magnificent private residence, not included on the house tours, has been selected as the venue for the Victorian Tea held between the afternoon and evening tours.

Sunday, Dec 11th

On Sunday our Holiday Tour of Inns provides a unique opportunity to visit a selection of Savannah's most celebrated Historic and Victorian Inns. Then, as evening approaches, complete your superb Savannah Weekend at the Savannah Theater's Holiday Stage Show, "A Christmas Tradition!"

Victorian Ballastone

And of course, don't forget to take advantage of our big savings opportunity on your last minute Savannah Vacation Rentals Deals with coastal Georgia's favorite rental resource, Savannah Getaways.

Savannah’s Best Haunted Restaurant!

Pink House Night 1
I had forgotten how elegant The Olde Pink House could be until we staged a weekend Family Reunion last month to Destination Savannah and the exquisite cuisine was clearly everybody’s favorite. While I have blogged about the Pink House as far back as five years ago, this article I just came across put the Olde Pink House thing on my radar again. The below was written by Historic Savannah Tybee Georgia on Facebook and is also shared in it’s entirety in our Savannah Vacation News channel:

A Colonial Ghost at The Olde Pink House

One of the few 18th century homes to survive the Great Fire of 1796, The Olde Pink House is perhaps Savannah’s most elegant restaurant. It is also her most haunted. The mansion was built in 1771 for James Habersham Jr., a successful rice planter and shipping baron. Unlike his father James Habersham Sr. who remained loyal to the British Crown, Junior used his wealth to help finance the War for Independence. In fact secret meetings of the Sons of Liberty were held in his home here on Reynolds Square to plot the arrest of the Royal Governor.

Pink-house flounder

Habersham lent his elegant home to the colonial freedom fighters much the way he still lends it to visitors today…presiding proudly as its gracious host. Witnesses have reported seeing an elegant looking man dressed in colonial attire in the downstairs tavern. His appearance being so clear that they merely thought him to be a staff member dressed in costume. Upon leaving the restaurant they notice the painting hanging in the foyer to be the same gentleman they just saw strolling about the tavern. Perplexed, they inquire about the gentleman’s identity only to be advised that the man in the painting, James Habersham Jr., has been dead for two hundred years.


Why is the house pink you might ask? It’s because the original bricks beneath the plaster facade, intended to make the house look more elegant, have bled through over time. And though we’re not sure the gracious Mr. Habersham would approve of the whimsical color, we Savannahians believe she is quite pretty in pink.

Dueling You Tube Videos for 15 G’s


A recent video created for You Tube by the Savannah Convention and Visitor’s Bureau does an excellent job of capturing the essence of our Top Ten Vacation Destination, Savannah’s Landmark Historic District. Typical of the Hostess City, some of our locals have a tendency to throw stones at those that are paid to promote Destination Savannah as doubtless some if these videographers believe they could create a better online offering here in the Creative Coast. As the Savannah Morning News reports in the excerpt below, a lot of fun was had by the cast during the production.


General James Oglethorpe’s statue in Chippewa Square faces south in tribute to his prowess in defending the new colony of Georgia from the Spanish. On Wednesday, Oglethorpe took an extended break from guard duty, at least on YouTube. Visit Savannah brought the statue “to life” for its first promotional film developed exclusively for the video-sharing website. The clip portrays Oglethorpe coming down from his pedestal to lead a dancing Conga line of tourists and locals through the Historic District he designed.


More than 100 locals appear in the video, which was shot in one day earlier this year. “It’s very clever because some see history as boring, and Savannah is not boring. It’s a living history museum,” Wood said. “The video shows off how fun the town is without sacrificing our dignity. We’re not a theme park, and we don’t want to be. The video strikes a balance.”


But the locals didn’t think so much of the video and as a result, you too can receive a grand prize of $15,000 if your Destination Savannah Video does as well as the one paid for by the Savannah CVB based on a recent television news report.

Living Like a Local, Savannah Style

Guest Blogger Paige Taylor shares her social media savvy creative writing chops for young professionals seeking opportunities in Lowcountry Savannah in her well done article below:


The historic district proving to be much more than just a vacation destination

Having one of the most beautiful and history rich examples of a historic district in the United States, the city of Savannah has long been known as one of the premier vacation destinations in the country. With buildings and homes steeped in tradition and rich in beauty, new visitors show up every year to explore one of the most historic places in the south. Although Savannah will continue to be one of the perennial top ten prime vacation destinations, some have found that full time living in a history rich area can be just as enjoyable as a short stay.


Many people look for some of the same things in their home locations as they do in their vacations and trips. When it comes to art, entertainment, culture, creativity and quality of life, Savannah and its historic district surely provides a resource for all of it. In recent years, the city has become known as a great starting point for young professionals who’ve just left the confines of college and started their careers off in a Savannah area apartment, house or condominium. The area offers a mix between new neighborhoods such as Southside with the classic residences of the Historic district, making Savannah a go to place for young adults, as well as baby boomers.


For those looking for the richest area of culture, art and tradition, living in the Historic District could be just the right decision. This area is not only full of timeless structures, homes and buildings, but is also home to unbelievable shopping and restaurant options. The home grown commercial and retail aspect of this area is often overlooked and overshadowed by the décor and structure of the classic buildings, but it is just as enjoyable and beneficial to hometown living. With so many visitors often in town, there are certainly families and people who tend to fall in love with the surroundings instantly. With a supreme mix of rich Colonial/Antebellum Georgia history and architecture, as well as shopping and eating second to none, Savannah will continue to be a hotspot for residents in the years to come.

Watch Popular Savannah Apartments – Find Savannah Apartments For Rent in Travel & Culture

Destination Savannah Tourism Surging

Savannah Marshall House

Travel to Destination Savannah (that would be the Landmark Historic District for you rookie travelers who are prone to take the bait by reserving week end accommodations in the Victorian District or midtown Savannah) continues to grow from one year to the next. According to a recent article in the Savannah Morning News, Savannah CVB president Joseph Marinelli who represents Visit Savannah released information documenting that travelers come to the Landmark Historic District to, among other things, shop, to take in a foody friendly culinary weekend, and dive right in to our Low Country History.

Sized Elegance on Ellis Square_103909

With categories as diverse as antiquing, eating at Lady & Son’s, or taking in all the opportunities to learn about our black history heritage, Savannah continues to lead the way as a top ten tourist destination according to Conde Nast. Below are just a few of the excerpted reasons you may want to consider Savannah on your next getaway visit to low country coastal Georgia. Follow the clickable link to find the most budget friendly Savannah Vacation Rentals available with seven upscale categories featuring 72 inexpensive Savannah Weekend Rentals to choose from if shopping cheap room rates is important to your family travel plans.

Lady  Son Bldg

A number of overnight visitors make last-minute decisions to come to Savannah, and one of their favorite activities is shopping. “We have a bit of a hidden gem here in terms of our shopping and antiquing and the impact of that on tourism,” said Joe Marinelli, president of Visit Savannah.

Numbers released Thursday indicate the number of visitors and the amount of money they spent in the Savannah area grew slightly in 2010 to 11.4 million visitors spending $1.7 billion. Another top reason for coming to Savannah would be Food. Thirty percent of the overnight visitors and 21 percent of day trippers said they came for fine dining. African-American overnight visitors made up 9 percent of the visitors in 2009 and 12 percent in 2010. Read the rest of the story here:

Salt Water Marsh Eco-Tours

Regardless of where you land along the mouth of the Savannah River Basin, if a love of all natural living creatures along the chain of sea islands is part of your passion, then a new self guided tour recently launched should be of interest. Green friendly developer Buckwalter Place announced the opening last month of their Greenway Trail in Bluffton, South Carolina with a You Tube video. Our friends at City Trex and Buckwalter Place have put together a top notch collaboration on this walking tour along a very accesible 1.3 mile trail route. Follow the trails through wetlands, hardwood forests, pine forests, and man made lagoons but don’t forget your smartphone! You will be able to use your reader if you have the app for scanning the bar codes along the trail to better identify what you are looking at.

Greenway trail map

And when you finish your maritime forest tour, choose from a variety of salt water marsh tours out on Hilton Head Island. Our own Salt Water Marsh environment is essential for what is best termed the “cradle of life” here in the coastal Low Country. Salt marshes typically occur on lower energy coastlines in temperate waters in the higher latitudes. Inclusive of these wetland areas, sheltered environments abound in a series of unique jigsaw puzzles of embankments, estuaries and the leeward (down wind side) of protective barrier islands.


This bridge between water and salt marsh features prevalent sand spits that extends on into the ocean. No surprise that our own Low Country salt marshes have a lower topography given our low elevations, hence the term lowcountry. The entire low country area around the Carolinas and Georgia as a result of these characteristics are not only where life begins for so many flora and fauna, but many two legged visitors are equally drawn to this habitat here along with the millions of coastal nature lovers that reside along this several hundred mile lone stretch of coast. Take a “techy stroll” on the Greenway Trail on your next visit to Lowcountry Hilton Head or Savannah to capture the look and feel of a maritime forest thanks to Buckwalter Place’s skill on putting all the constiuent pieces together.

Searching for Savannah Vacation Rental Deals

Given our superior presence in Historic Savannah, we pride ourselves on connecting our customers to the best historic homes at the lowest rates. Savannah Getaways has been serving the traveling public to coastal Savannah for the past thirteen years by providing unmatched customer satisfaction to our tens of thousands of guests to lowcountry Georgia.

Sized_jones street

There were no part timers involved in the vacation rental business to Destination Savannah Historic District back in the day when we first hung out the only RBO shingle in downtown Savannah. Even then we were providing excellent vacation rental value long before there was even a newly minted Goldman-Sachs/Wall Street backed Home Away website paying any real attention to vacation rentals. While there have been plenty of Johnny Come Lately vacation rental by owners (RBO's) offering lodging options in downtown Savannah on VRBO, Home Away, and travel directories each succeeding year since our inception, here are some of the pitfalls to avoid when it comes to making your own informed vacation rental reservation decision.

Sized_Jones Street Bath

Just like savvy shoppers shop Savannah hotels, Savannah Historic Inns, and Savannah Bed and Breakfast lodging options in the historic district, apply the same principal here. To find that cheap vacation rental deal while realizing more bang for your travel bucks – read objective reviews. But not just any review. You should always read honest to goodness independent reviews from reputable companies known for their independently verified reviews such as Trip Advisor and Flip Key rather than those reviews that may have been manufactured by the property owners themselves on non-verified by owner vacation rental directories.

Sized_Rainbow Row Ctyd

And make sure you always deal with a fully supported, legitimately sanctioned property management company of many years duration that has an actual verifiable track record. The nature of the online travel industry is one in which poor customer service on top of dingy vacation rental properties (they do work hand in hand) will always find the “vacation rental by amateur” home owners or under performing vacation rental management companies out by their 1 and 2 star reviews.

With that in mind check out our latest last minute vacation rental specials on Broughton Street, Jones Street, Tattnall Street, or our very trendy Washington Square facing Garden Level Townhouse.