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Live like a local, be respectful of your neighbors!

local 1When you live like a local on your Savannah Getaway, it should start with the same respect you likely demonstrate in your own community of origin. Simply stated, be respectful of the year round neighbors on the Savannah block you are staying in. Your Savannah vacation rental home is smack dab in the middle of local Savannahians. Hence our live like a local slogan that has served us well for the past 15 years now.

So apply the same common sense and neighborliness you employ in obeying laws and ordinances in the cities and communities you came from and you are not likely to get sideways on your Savannah vacation with year round neighbors or law enforcement! Just as in your own hometown, there are laws and ordinances that prohibit excessive, unnecessary and unreasonable levels of noise. These laws are enforced by the local police departments. Savannah is no exception when it comes to enforcing the “silence is golden rule” in the wee hours of the night.

Local 2

Over the years our guest services and reservation desk receive an ever growing number of complaints from neighbors about excessive noise levels after 10:00 PM when the noise ordinance law kicks in. While this is a small number of noisy guests for the most part, clear communication about consequences to this handful of ignoring noise ordinances make for better relationships between Savannah Getaways and their neighbors.  We will not knowingly tolerate a noise nuisance in our vacation rental homes once we have been made aware of boorish behavior that we represent for the property owners and their neighbors.

Local 3

This noisy neighbor complaint has become such an issue in the historic district of Savannah, real or perceived, that some of the ward captains have raised a clamor within the 31401 zip code to such an extent, that the city is now reviewing local ordinances with an eye for making sure that the quality of life is the same for our Savannah guests and true Savannah locals alike. These new laws, in part intended to keep rowdy revelers tamped down on their visit, will likely go into effect in the next few months. So be apprised, for those of you that are coming to town to party down, our rental homes are not for you. While the posted images within this blog are reflective of something more akin to drunk and disorderly in the district, you are out of line if the police have to be called out to remind you to keep it down, this is not to be confused with what we mean when we speak of “living like a local”.

local 4

“We know from experience that nearly all of our guests DO act like good neighbors while in Savannah.  We truly appreciate that and welcome you to Savannah, our serene Hostess City.”

Savannah National Wildlife Refuge

The winter doldrums are upon us. That stretch of time, from the excitement of the fall/winter holiday seasons until St. Patrick’s Day (our unofficial start to spring), where Savannahians can get out and enjoy the great outdoors. Savannah and its neighboring towns are dotted with community parks, state parks, and many different parks managed by the National Wildlife Refuge System.  Within 40 miles from downtown Savannah are 5 National Wildlife Refuges. They are; Pinckney Island NWR, Harris Neck NWR, Tybee NWR, Wassaw Island NWR, and Savannah NWR.

Welcome SignSavannah National Wildlife Refuge is free for all to enter though our four legged family members are not allowed. It is located about 7 miles from downtown Savannah, and was founded on April 6th, 1927 on what was a rice plantation started in the mid to late 1700’s. Inside it’s nearly 30,000 acres you will find a new visitors center, miles and miles of cycling/walking trails, and Laurel Hill Wildlife Drive. Laurel Hill Wildlife Drive is a 4 mile drivable loop, open daily from sunrise to sunset, that makes wildlife viewing accessible to all from the comforts of their own vehicle. It features many pull off areas as it winds through tidal creeks, lowland hardwood swamps, and freshwater impoundments utilizing earthen dikes from the original rice plantation.

Gator       Warm winter days are my favorite time to roam the refuge. These days are prime for seeing alligators, the refuge’s most popular guest! On a warm day, particularly after a cold front has blown through, it is not unusual to see over 30 alligators during your visit. In addition to alligators visitors can see migrating waterfowl, wading birds, song birds, turtles, raccoons, osprey, bald eagles, owls, other birds of prey, deer, fox, coyotes, and bobcats. The cooler months of winter also provide relatively bug free outdoor enjoyment, though I would suggest taking some bug repellant with you.

I would definitely suggest stopping by the new visitor’s center located at 694 Beech Hill Lane.
It is open Monday through Saturday from 9am to 4:30 pm and is closed for all federal holidays. It features an exhibit area with historical information about the area and its wildlife, a gift shop with everything from tee shirts, hats, posters, toys, and many books on birds, nature, and local history.
Visitor Center II
Upon request the visitor’s center also features a very well done short film on the refuge system and on the Savannah refuge in particular.

The refuge is a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy nature at your own pace. Whether you are nature nut like me, a photographer, a bird watcher, looking for some fresh air, or a quiet picnic spot Savannah National Wildlife Refuge is well worth the time.

Square Fest Music Fest

Forsyth BandshellI’ve
lived in Savannah for 11 years, and one thing I’ve heard time and again (I’ve
even often said it myself), is that there is no music scene in this town.
Apparently Amanda Hollowell felt the
same way. 
So she gathered some other
like-minded folks and
decided to do something about it.  Thanks
to their dedication and perseverance, we have the First Square Fest event
hitting Forsyth Park this Saturday for an afternoon – and evening – full of
FREE music!  That’s right; I said FREE.
There’s something for everyone; acoustic, folk, jazz, funk, MC’s, DJ’s, hip-hop
and grunge.  This all day music festival is
meant to unite the music lovers of the community and showcase the music that is
alive in Savannah.  With music, food,
vendors, and local artisans, there will be plenty of fun for the whole


This might be the inaugural event for Square Fest, but they have done a
phenomenal job in getting the community excited and raising awareness about the
need for a music scene in Savannah; and they intend to make it an annual event.  In the theme of giving back to the community,
Square Fest will be donating a percentage of the donations received at this
event to the Ronald McDonald House of the Coastal Empire.

Bring your lawn chairs, a blanket, pack a basket of goodies and make it a
day.  The event kicks off at 2pm, but you’ll
want to get there early to make sure you secure a good spot; it’s sure to be a
packed event, especially as night time falls across Forsyth Park and the music
plays on into the dark.

Here’s the Line Up:

2:00pm – 2:05pm Opening
Sincerely Iris
2:05pm – 2:25pm Sunglow
2:30pm – 3:00pm Lyn Avenue
3:15pm – 3:35pm Sincerely, Iris

3:45pm – 4:15pm Listen 2 Three
4:30pm – 4:50pm Steve Cantrell
4:50pm – 5:20pm Dope Sandwich
5:30pm – 5:50pm Elephant Talk
5:50pm – 6:10pm Emoticon
6:25pm – 6:55pm Kota Mundi
7:05pm – 7:35pm The Royal Noise
7:45pm – 8:15pm KidSyc@BrandyWine
8:25m – 8:55pm Sav”h Party Starters
9:15pm – 9:45pm Word of Mouth
9:45pm – 10:00pm Closing Remarks and Thank You

Savannah Leg of the Tall Ship Challenge

Tall Ship Peaehmaker

Up to 15 tall sailing ships are expected to be visiting along River Street in the Port of Savannah on the weekend of May 3 through 7 with opportunities to go aboard these impressive wind powered monarchs of the sea from yesteryear or maybe even take a three hour harbor cruise. Thanks to a lot of planning by the Savannah Waterfront Association and the Convention and Visitors Bureau according to a recent article in the Savannah Morning News, this much anticipated event is a timely stop between Jacksonville and Charleston for this sailing event held every year.

Tall Ship Le Belle Poule

Planning that began six years ago will culminate May 2012 when Savannah becomes a stop for tall sailing ships racing along the Atlantic coast. Up to 15 tall ships will dock in Savannah May 3-7, 2012, as part of the “Tall Ships Challenge 2012, Atlantic Coast” race, Kenny Hill, executive director of Savannah Riverfront, said Monday.

Tall Ship Dewaruci

The schedule calls for the race to start in Jacksonville, Fla., in late April, come to Savannah, for the Savannah Tall Ships Challenge leg then move on to Charleston S.C., , followed by stops in Greenport, N.Y., Newport, R.I. and Massachusetts Outports before winding up in late July at Halifax and Nova Scotia Outports.

Tall Ship Pride of Balty

Hill said Savannah Riverfront and Visit Savannah each have pledged $100,000 in seed money and will be working in coming months to raise another $200,000 from private sponsors. Joe Marinelli, president of Visit Savannah, said the goal is to bring 15 of the tall ship challengers to the City of Savannah. A number of viewing opportunities will be offered at a variety of price points, Hill said, with discounts for children. Visitors will be able to board the ships for $10 and go for two- or three-hour sails for about $50, Hill said. One of the big goals is to educate youth, he said.

Dueling You Tube Videos for 15 G’s


A recent video created for You Tube by the Savannah Convention and Visitor’s Bureau does an excellent job of capturing the essence of our Top Ten Vacation Destination, Savannah’s Landmark Historic District. Typical of the Hostess City, some of our locals have a tendency to throw stones at those that are paid to promote Destination Savannah as doubtless some if these videographers believe they could create a better online offering here in the Creative Coast. As the Savannah Morning News reports in the excerpt below, a lot of fun was had by the cast during the production.


General James Oglethorpe’s statue in Chippewa Square faces south in tribute to his prowess in defending the new colony of Georgia from the Spanish. On Wednesday, Oglethorpe took an extended break from guard duty, at least on YouTube. Visit Savannah brought the statue “to life” for its first promotional film developed exclusively for the video-sharing website. The clip portrays Oglethorpe coming down from his pedestal to lead a dancing Conga line of tourists and locals through the Historic District he designed.


More than 100 locals appear in the video, which was shot in one day earlier this year. “It’s very clever because some see history as boring, and Savannah is not boring. It’s a living history museum,” Wood said. “The video shows off how fun the town is without sacrificing our dignity. We’re not a theme park, and we don’t want to be. The video strikes a balance.”


But the locals didn’t think so much of the video and as a result, you too can receive a grand prize of $15,000 if your Destination Savannah Video does as well as the one paid for by the Savannah CVB based on a recent television news report.

Savannah Getaways Guarantee – We will never Gouge

Rock and roll five

Just came across a late breaking ad today on Craigslist Savannah for the upcoming sold out Savannah Rock and Roll Marathon that was a real eye opener. Seems this most likely upscale facility as offered by the owner is well placed to the finish line of this November 3 – 4 running event as they advertise. And you would think that a 3700 square foot 3 bedroom, 3.5 Bath Victorian District Vacation Rental with a swimming pool would be a prime Savannah vacation rental when compared side by side to all the other upscale Savannah Vacation Rentals we offer for this inaugural running event, Right?

Rock and Roll Runners
Not so fast my friends. There is a reason this property was not snapped up month’s ago in April and May like our long ago sold out availability was taken out of circulation by savvy marathoners looking for upscale accommodations at affordable rates. Check out listing # 1031 a few blocks away from the above Hall Street listing or listing # 1009 that overlooks Crawford Square in the true Landmark Historic District. Instead of six runners paying this property owner at least $625 apiece for a three night stay, you could have been like the smart shoppers staying at Savannah's most popular vacation rental options above at serious savings over that rate at $200 and $265 apiece respectively. The take away should be obvious. Do your due diligence to determine who the premier Savannah Vacation Rental Management Company is, Savannah Getaways, and book your reservations accordingly if value and savings are part of your shopping priority.

Rock and Roll Logo

Not only do you live like a local when staying with Savannah’s oldest & highest ranked Savannah Vacation Rentals resource in coastal Georgia according to both Trip Advisor AND Flip Key, if you shop the rest and stay with the best, you will actually save money with our budget friendly Savannah Getaways townhouses and condominiums. Don’t be a rookie traveler returning to next year’s Rock and Roll Marathon event and stay at the mercy of Savannah Vacation Rentals by Amateur. Be smart next year, contact our year round Savannah Reservation Desk upon your return home THIS YEAR and nail down next year’s sure to be sold out rock and roll marathon vacation rentals rowhouse scheduled to be run on November 3 in 2012 AND save money all at the same time.

A Taste of Lady Chablis?

Okay, I freely admit to posting controversial titles in this blog. And I promise I will do better in my next Savannah Vacation News post. But I simply couldn’t resist combining two events that fall on the same day later this week that the gourmet visitors among you may want to take in. That would be the 11th annual Taste of Savannah Foody event AND an encore performance at Club One of Midnight in the Garden of Good and evil star, Lady Chablis on Friday September 9th.


From 7:00 PM until 10:00 PM, sample the latest low country “coastal cuisine” purveyors of delicious delights at the Savannah International Trade and Convention Center on Hutchinson Island Georgia. Returning attendees know the drill, for just $60 per ticket per person, you can sample a wide variety of lowcountry comfort eating at this unique smorgasbord provided by Destination Savannah's best restaurateurs.


Don’t miss this always anticipated event for your sampling of outstanding cuisine from some of Savannah’s finest restaurants, Vic’s on the River, Rock’s on the Roof, Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House, and our renowned The Olde Pink House to name but a few of Savannah’s best eateries.


And after eating your fill, take a free ferry ride back across the Savannah River to River Street, walk a few blocks to Club One on Jefferson Street, and catch the outrageous Lady Chablis. Watch the Good Morning America Destination Savannah segment in the excerpted video below to get an idea of how it is that Savannah’s Blue Lady came to be courtesy of author John Berendt. Shows run at 8:00 PM and 10:30 PM on this command performance.

Savannah River Crossing

For those of you that frequently ask, accessing the Savannah International Trade & Convention Center on Hutchinson Island is very doable from your Historic District Vacation Rental Home just across the Savannah River. Cross for free on our Southern Belle Ferries, the Juliette Gordon Low Ferry, the Susie King Taylor Ferry, and the Florence Martus Ferry with a river crossing schedule taking place like clockwork according to an article in the Savannah Morning News.

Southern Belle Low

“They operate 362 days a year — every day but Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year’s — but they can’t run in fog or lightning. They cross the river about every 20 minutes, but have to stop and wait for huge container ships to pass. When one ship is running, it operates a triangular route among the Westin, Marriott and Hyatt. When demand is higher, one boat operates between the Westin and Marriott and another goes between the Westin and Hyatt.”

Southern Belle River-Street

Riders on the Savannah Belles made 69,000 trips across the river in July, the most in a one-month period ever in the ferries’ 11-year history. Jimmy Gunby III, director of marine operations, said July Fourth falling on a Monday caused more people to be downtown for a long weekend. Families love the free boat ride. People describing the ferries that cross the Savannah River use words such as “key,” and “vital” and “essential.”

Many people say they’re just plain fun. “The ferry is definitely more fun than a bus,” said Mike Pino of Franklinville, N.J. He attended the National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association meeting in Savannah last week with his wife Gerry. “I think it’s pretty neat.” The couple was among five people who rented a Savannah vacation getaway rental house in the Historic District and used the ferry to attend the convention.

Southern belle taylor

All the more reason to book all of your downtown Savannah Vacation Rentals through Savannah Getaways when attending conferences at the Westin or conventions at the Trade Center across from the historic district on Hutchinson Island.

Searching for Savannah Vacation Rental Deals

Given our superior presence in Historic Savannah, we pride ourselves on connecting our customers to the best historic homes at the lowest rates. Savannah Getaways has been serving the traveling public to coastal Savannah for the past thirteen years by providing unmatched customer satisfaction to our tens of thousands of guests to lowcountry Georgia.

Sized_jones street

There were no part timers involved in the vacation rental business to Destination Savannah Historic District back in the day when we first hung out the only RBO shingle in downtown Savannah. Even then we were providing excellent vacation rental value long before there was even a newly minted Goldman-Sachs/Wall Street backed Home Away website paying any real attention to vacation rentals. While there have been plenty of Johnny Come Lately vacation rental by owners (RBO's) offering lodging options in downtown Savannah on VRBO, Home Away, and travel directories each succeeding year since our inception, here are some of the pitfalls to avoid when it comes to making your own informed vacation rental reservation decision.

Sized_Jones Street Bath

Just like savvy shoppers shop Savannah hotels, Savannah Historic Inns, and Savannah Bed and Breakfast lodging options in the historic district, apply the same principal here. To find that cheap vacation rental deal while realizing more bang for your travel bucks – read objective reviews. But not just any review. You should always read honest to goodness independent reviews from reputable companies known for their independently verified reviews such as Trip Advisor and Flip Key rather than those reviews that may have been manufactured by the property owners themselves on non-verified by owner vacation rental directories.

Sized_Rainbow Row Ctyd

And make sure you always deal with a fully supported, legitimately sanctioned property management company of many years duration that has an actual verifiable track record. The nature of the online travel industry is one in which poor customer service on top of dingy vacation rental properties (they do work hand in hand) will always find the “vacation rental by amateur” home owners or under performing vacation rental management companies out by their 1 and 2 star reviews.

With that in mind check out our latest last minute vacation rental specials on Broughton Street, Jones Street, Tattnall Street, or our very trendy Washington Square facing Garden Level Townhouse.

Savannah’s Downtown Gallery Go Round


Now entering its fourth decade, Savannah’s College of Art and Design inspired downtown Arts District continues to lead the way for art lovers along coastal Georgia’s designated Creative Coast less than a dozen miles up the Savannah River. SCAD, as it is affectionately known, is now an international player with multiple campuses scattered around for all things art related.

Savannah Theatre

Meanwhile back here in the Lowcountry where it all started, our downtown galleries and artists are among Savannah’s most enduring attractions with transformative works of art in all their mediums. The historic district that General Oglethorpe probably imagined back in the day is in fact a teeming Art Destination when it comes to connecting collectors and art connoisseurs with the artists you can meet up with if you don’t mind a bit of a walk about. Take our Savannah Getaways Gallery Hop through the Historic District on your next trip to Savannah. Many of the art loving millions of annual visitors to Art Destination Savannah, make it a point upon their arrival to look in on key gallery venues, museums, artists’ studios, shops and restaurants strategically situated throughout this vibrant art community.


In need of a spring fling art themed getaway? Well here’s an insider tip that leaves enough time to prepare, SCAD’s annual Sidewalks Arts Festival is scheduled to be held once again in expansive Forsyth Park at the end of April. This is a really fun event that you don’t want to miss. Mark your calendar the weekend of April 30th on a Saturday, and you’re all set to complete your own customized Downtown Gallery Go Round.