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Dueling You Tube Videos for 15 G’s


A recent video created for You Tube by the Savannah Convention and Visitor’s Bureau does an excellent job of capturing the essence of our Top Ten Vacation Destination, Savannah’s Landmark Historic District. Typical of the Hostess City, some of our locals have a tendency to throw stones at those that are paid to promote Destination Savannah as doubtless some if these videographers believe they could create a better online offering here in the Creative Coast. As the Savannah Morning News reports in the excerpt below, a lot of fun was had by the cast during the production.


General James Oglethorpe’s statue in Chippewa Square faces south in tribute to his prowess in defending the new colony of Georgia from the Spanish. On Wednesday, Oglethorpe took an extended break from guard duty, at least on YouTube. Visit Savannah brought the statue “to life” for its first promotional film developed exclusively for the video-sharing website. The clip portrays Oglethorpe coming down from his pedestal to lead a dancing Conga line of tourists and locals through the Historic District he designed.


More than 100 locals appear in the video, which was shot in one day earlier this year. “It’s very clever because some see history as boring, and Savannah is not boring. It’s a living history museum,” Wood said. “The video shows off how fun the town is without sacrificing our dignity. We’re not a theme park, and we don’t want to be. The video strikes a balance.”


But the locals didn’t think so much of the video and as a result, you too can receive a grand prize of $15,000 if your Destination Savannah Video does as well as the one paid for by the Savannah CVB based on a recent television news report.

Destination Savannah Tourism Surging

Savannah Marshall House

Travel to Destination Savannah (that would be the Landmark Historic District for you rookie travelers who are prone to take the bait by reserving week end accommodations in the Victorian District or midtown Savannah) continues to grow from one year to the next. According to a recent article in the Savannah Morning News, Savannah CVB president Joseph Marinelli who represents Visit Savannah released information documenting that travelers come to the Landmark Historic District to, among other things, shop, to take in a foody friendly culinary weekend, and dive right in to our Low Country History.

Sized Elegance on Ellis Square_103909

With categories as diverse as antiquing, eating at Lady & Son’s, or taking in all the opportunities to learn about our black history heritage, Savannah continues to lead the way as a top ten tourist destination according to Conde Nast. Below are just a few of the excerpted reasons you may want to consider Savannah on your next getaway visit to low country coastal Georgia. Follow the clickable link to find the most budget friendly Savannah Vacation Rentals available with seven upscale categories featuring 72 inexpensive Savannah Weekend Rentals to choose from if shopping cheap room rates is important to your family travel plans.

Lady  Son Bldg

A number of overnight visitors make last-minute decisions to come to Savannah, and one of their favorite activities is shopping. “We have a bit of a hidden gem here in terms of our shopping and antiquing and the impact of that on tourism,” said Joe Marinelli, president of Visit Savannah.

Numbers released Thursday indicate the number of visitors and the amount of money they spent in the Savannah area grew slightly in 2010 to 11.4 million visitors spending $1.7 billion. Another top reason for coming to Savannah would be Food. Thirty percent of the overnight visitors and 21 percent of day trippers said they came for fine dining. African-American overnight visitors made up 9 percent of the visitors in 2009 and 12 percent in 2010. Read the rest of the story here:

Salt Water Marsh Eco-Tours

Regardless of where you land along the mouth of the Savannah River Basin, if a love of all natural living creatures along the chain of sea islands is part of your passion, then a new self guided tour recently launched should be of interest. Green friendly developer Buckwalter Place announced the opening last month of their Greenway Trail in Bluffton, South Carolina with a You Tube video. Our friends at City Trex and Buckwalter Place have put together a top notch collaboration on this walking tour along a very accesible 1.3 mile trail route. Follow the trails through wetlands, hardwood forests, pine forests, and man made lagoons but don’t forget your smartphone! You will be able to use your reader if you have the app for scanning the bar codes along the trail to better identify what you are looking at.

Greenway trail map

And when you finish your maritime forest tour, choose from a variety of salt water marsh tours out on Hilton Head Island. Our own Salt Water Marsh environment is essential for what is best termed the “cradle of life” here in the coastal Low Country. Salt marshes typically occur on lower energy coastlines in temperate waters in the higher latitudes. Inclusive of these wetland areas, sheltered environments abound in a series of unique jigsaw puzzles of embankments, estuaries and the leeward (down wind side) of protective barrier islands.


This bridge between water and salt marsh features prevalent sand spits that extends on into the ocean. No surprise that our own Low Country salt marshes have a lower topography given our low elevations, hence the term lowcountry. The entire low country area around the Carolinas and Georgia as a result of these characteristics are not only where life begins for so many flora and fauna, but many two legged visitors are equally drawn to this habitat here along with the millions of coastal nature lovers that reside along this several hundred mile lone stretch of coast. Take a “techy stroll” on the Greenway Trail on your next visit to Lowcountry Hilton Head or Savannah to capture the look and feel of a maritime forest thanks to Buckwalter Place’s skill on putting all the constiuent pieces together.

Savannah’s Best Historic District Online Map

Savannah Getaways has the most comprehensive map of the Historic District posted online to better understand Savannah’s 2.5 square mile Landmark District’s Attractions. Recent upgrades have made this an important mapping tool for our thousands of annual guests navigating from their Savannah Vacation Rental accommodations. Taking your own self guided walking tour of all the points of interest and attractions you have come to Lowcountry Georgia to see has never been easier.

To utilize our highly trafficked Savannah Getaways website, first click on our "Savannah Vacation Rentals” button on the drop down menu bar. Now note the clickable “Browse by Map” section. You can now locate your choice of a vacation rental loft, condo, townhouse, or historic home on our Savannah Browse by Map Section map by clicking onto our perforated map sections 1 – 9 such as map section six as an example.

To find historic district attractions, go to the “Points of Interest” map within the numbered quadrants. Scroll the map and you can see with precision what is available around your home-away-from-home vacation rental. You have now plan your day of sightseeing through Savannah’s “Top Ten Walking City” historic downtown area and not miss a thing!

You are now in a position to take a walking tour of the Hostess City, street by street to determine where the best vacation rentals in the business can be found in easy walking distance to your niece’s wedding at the Trinity Church off Telfair Square, the best location to view the St. Paddy’s Day Festivities along the parade route, or the closest vacation rentals to Paula Deen’s Lady and Son’s Restaurant. So next time you come to Savannah, know ahead of time where to find attractions from your specific quadrant within the historic district.


Tune In Your IPod and Walk This Way!

While we like our Tour Partners in both Savannah and Charleston IStock_000004779589Small
here at Savannah Getaways we would be remiss if we did not point you towards the burgeoning world of the self catered Walking Tour as a viable option for you do it yourselfer's. We have recently started a collaborative relationship with a local company that is offering inexpensive downloadable tours of both Sister City's Historic District for those that prefer to roll their own.


Burton Sauls and City Trex is growing their selection of touring options and if their reviewer's comments tell us anything, these tours can only grow in the months ahead in variety and scope.

CityTrex iPod tour users say:

"Keep growing. You're awesome!"

"Cool tales, solid info, loved setting my own pace"

"I made new friends because of the tour, thanks!"

The Charleston Post and Courier spoke of their "Holy City" walking tour start up operation a few years back.

Check out their City Trex website, suscribe to their podcast and get a sense of the quality tours that are yours for the asking in either city. As they say on their site above:

"CityTrex MP3 Audio Walking Tours provide Self-guided walking tours that are one more authentic way to explore P3257997
Savannah’s Landmark Historic District or the Battery in Historic Charleston. Feel the freedom in going solo. Create quality time for couples – a half-day with the grandkids or a hand-holding date for romantics (two can tour for the price of one)


The Shrimp are Running, Roger That!

Daufuskie Island’s favorite storytelling son, Sportsman Roger Pinckney
speaks of the return of fall shrimp season on his Radio Free Daufuskie podcast with kudos to Burton Saul’s CityTrex Blog Site. Listen to just what it is that fall means to all the Lowcountry gourmands that like to roll their own after waiting on the fall cast net shrimp season to get underway.  Or if you are pressed for time pick 'em fresh at “four dollars a pound without the heads at the county dock, cheaper than you pay for bacon“ as Roger points out.

In this episode our quintessential low country river rat himself
030507 Pictures 184
talks about the fresh bounty to be had in the early part of this fall shrimp season of autumn 2010 and some tasty Down South Breakfast Fixings that make for some memorable dining experiences. Band Leader Phil Harris wrote about it and Texas Swing Legend, Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys sang about it but renowned Coastal Carolina Author Pinckney not only lives the good old boy southern lifestyle, he eats it all up in a manner of speaking. 


As we like to keep telling you here at Savannah Getaways, make it a point to hop the ferryboat out of Hilton Head Island over to Daufuskie Island on your next trip to lowcountry Savannah.

And don’t forget your cooler so you can stock up on the freshly caught shrimp at the Farmer’s Market beside Marshside Mama’s on the Hilton Head side of the island.