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Discover history while strolling through Historic Charleston

Our realtor friends at Locountry Charleston recommended that we consider a walking tour blog for our Lowcountry News Channel, and we’re mighty proud they did.  To get an idea of what is entailed while walking historic Charleston’s historic district, follow the link on this nicely done website resource below:

Begin on Charleston’s southeastern tip, at the confluence of East Battery Street and Murray Boulevard, where an old local saying claims that the Ashley and Cooper Rivers meet to form the Atlantic Ocean. From this panoramic vantage point, overlooking historic Charleston Harbor on one side and beautiful gardens and rows of palatial antebellum mansions on the other, moving in any direction may take some will power. It was from this spot that cannon roared with the opening salvos of the Civil War, and where great fleets of war ships and merchant vessels have passed for centuries. Originally a shell bank covered with oysters bleached white by the sun, the area was called White Point by early settlers, who set up lookouts and fortified defenses here in the late 1600′s. Today, the oyster shells are covered by filled land and a the tree-lined park area known as White Point Gardens, while where gun batteries faced the sea is a waterfront bulwark commonly called The Battery.

We are always involved in a little competition here with our Yankee Sister that lies to the north of our own Historic City of Savannah.  So after you take that walking tour, come check out our own comprehensive walking or riding tour here in the Hostess City of Savannah.

Low Country South Carolina targets International Visitors

The State of South Carolina largest industry is tourism and recent marketing plans revealed by Chad Prosser, Director of the State Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism indicates that overseas visitors are being targeted in a major kind of way. International tourists comprise “an attractive segment of the market” which topped $15 Billion in calendar year 2005 according to Prosser who went on to say “They tend to stay longer and spend more. And currently, the exchange rates are in their favor, so it’s a real bargain.

"A recent Guernsey England couple visiting the lowcountry, Vicki and James Smith, perfectly fit the profile of this upscale European tourist. They spent most of two weeks on Hilton Head Island at a Spa Resort. And during their two week vacation in coastal South Carolina, they took a series of day trips to nearby Savannahand then up the coast to Charleston’s Historic District. While in Charleston, visitors can choose from a variety of activities such as carriage rides through the historic district, spend an afternoon at the South Carolina Aquarium, or tour historic plantations like Middleton Placeor Magnolia Plantation along the Ashley River. There are also boat rides to Civil War era Fort Sumterand or a visit to North Charlestonto view the H.L. Hunley, the Confederate submarine that was the first submarine in recorded history to sink an enemy warship. And the more adventuresome tourist might end up in the ACE Basin south of Charleston for a bit of eco-tourism pursuits in this pristine nature refuge.

South Carolina enjoyed 32.5 million visitors last year of which most spent the majority of their time in the states # 1 geographic vacation destination region, the low country of South Carolina. Of these visitors, approximately 1 million were foreign visitors made up tourists from Canada and the United Kingdom. The rest originated primarily from Germany, France, Scandinavia, and Ireland.