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Savannah’s Best Historic District Online Map

Savannah Getaways has the most comprehensive map of the Historic District posted online to better understand Savannah’s 2.5 square mile Landmark District’s Attractions. Recent upgrades have made this an important mapping tool for our thousands of annual guests navigating from their Savannah Vacation Rental accommodations. Taking your own self guided walking tour of all the points of interest and attractions you have come to Lowcountry Georgia to see has never been easier.

To utilize our highly trafficked Savannah Getaways website, first click on our "Savannah Vacation Rentals” button on the drop down menu bar. Now note the clickable “Browse by Map” section. You can now locate your choice of a vacation rental loft, condo, townhouse, or historic home on our Savannah Browse by Map Section map by clicking onto our perforated map sections 1 – 9 such as map section six as an example.

To find historic district attractions, go to the “Points of Interest” map within the numbered quadrants. Scroll the map and you can see with precision what is available around your home-away-from-home vacation rental. You have now plan your day of sightseeing through Savannah’s “Top Ten Walking City” historic downtown area and not miss a thing!

You are now in a position to take a walking tour of the Hostess City, street by street to determine where the best vacation rentals in the business can be found in easy walking distance to your niece’s wedding at the Trinity Church off Telfair Square, the best location to view the St. Paddy’s Day Festivities along the parade route, or the closest vacation rentals to Paula Deen’s Lady and Son’s Restaurant. So next time you come to Savannah, know ahead of time where to find attractions from your specific quadrant within the historic district.


How can I tour thee, Savannah? Let me count the ways.

Looking for Southern Hospitality and myriad touring options?  Savannah has got you covered! If walking or bicycling around at a leisurely pace while taking in historic tourist attractions, many of them dating back to pre-colonial days, is your idea of a vacation experience, then Savannah’s landmark historic district (2.3 square miles) should be high on your list for a weekend getaway destination.

Photo2History buffs have long recognized this stately southern city as a wonderful historic resource with a plethora of museums, grand old homes, historic artifacts, historic markers, a wide variety of diverse period correct architectural gems on cobblestone streets as well as antique stores, boutique shops on River St., world class restaurants, live theater venues, and a great number of art galleries that cover the complete spectrum of artistic sensitivities.

Even though Savannah has been designated as one of the top 10 walking cities in the country, here are a few low country recommendations for alternative means of getting around for your consideration while visiting the crown jewel of our Hostess City. You first order of business on arriving in the historic district should be to take one of the many trolley tours that are offered. This will enable you to get a quick over view within a two hour time frame so that you can pick and choose points of interest to return to later for closer inspection. If your interest is piqued during one of these trolley tours, most touring companies will allow you to get off the trolley and look around a bit. You can then get back on the next trolley that shows up in 15 to 30 minute intervals at specific locations. Old Savannah Tours has a very viable touring option for the historic district as their tour guides are a consummate group of knowledgeable professionals that know the district well.

SavottFor the more adventuresome, you may wish to consider getting around on a scooter. Why limit yourself to just staying in the historic district? Scooters are a great way to get around in an urban environment and can be rented by the day or the week. A good local rental store is Coastal Scooters located on Broughton St. a highly affordable resource for this type of motorized conveyance.

Other touring options include the prerequisite horse drawn carriage tour. There are a few different companies that offer pick up in City Market as a fairly centrally located starting point for one of these leisure tours. Pedicabs are an additional means to travel as well plus you can invariably get your guide to give you a personal tour of the district. If you don’t mind taking a tour while moving around in an attention grabbing manner, then the recently launched futuristic Segway Human Transport conveyance offered by Kinetic Tours might just be the ticket.

CitymarkethorsesRegardless of your mode of transportation, Savannah’s historic district is certainly worth the effort to move around and take in the many tourist attractions. You will certainly not be disappointed whatever your method of transport within the district.