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The Hostess City delivers Getty Up for Savannah Getaways

Savannah is a perennial favorite destination of all the savvy travel publications. U. S. News reports in their Travel Section references that the Hostess City is one of the best 11 Destinations for Relaxing Getaways and one of the Top Dozen Fall Getaway Locations in the United States. Today, we will let other experts gush about Historic Savannah for a change in the below excerpted article. We can’t all "Live like a Local" in Georgia's First City, after all.

Getaway Low

Savannah offers attractions that will interest history and architecture buffs as well as those who just want to spend time outside and enjoy the pleasant views of nature. Renting or bringing a car could be helpful to explore the surrounding areas, but you'll only need your two feet to get around the Historic District.

Getaway Cemetery

Much of Savannah’s charm lies in meandering through the Historic District’s verdant squares — all 23 of them. Along the way, you’ll happen on numerous historic homes like the Mercer Williams House, popularized by Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. There’s the famous Colonial Park Cemetery for a Spanish moss-canopied stroll, and there’s the City Market, which is an ideal place to pick up a few souvenirs. You can also take a quick car ride over to the beach at Tybee Island.

Getaway Fort McAllister

Savannah's Historic District is what keeps the city a tourist mainstay. Well-preserved antebellum architecture lines the streets, and recent visitors recommend the various walking tours. Individual tours are also available for some of the more prominent properties, like the Juliette Gordon Low House, preserved in honor of the Girl Scouts' founder. A centennial celebration will take place in all of 2012.

Dueling You Tube Videos for 15 G’s


A recent video created for You Tube by the Savannah Convention and Visitor’s Bureau does an excellent job of capturing the essence of our Top Ten Vacation Destination, Savannah’s Landmark Historic District. Typical of the Hostess City, some of our locals have a tendency to throw stones at those that are paid to promote Destination Savannah as doubtless some if these videographers believe they could create a better online offering here in the Creative Coast. As the Savannah Morning News reports in the excerpt below, a lot of fun was had by the cast during the production.


General James Oglethorpe’s statue in Chippewa Square faces south in tribute to his prowess in defending the new colony of Georgia from the Spanish. On Wednesday, Oglethorpe took an extended break from guard duty, at least on YouTube. Visit Savannah brought the statue “to life” for its first promotional film developed exclusively for the video-sharing website. The clip portrays Oglethorpe coming down from his pedestal to lead a dancing Conga line of tourists and locals through the Historic District he designed.


More than 100 locals appear in the video, which was shot in one day earlier this year. “It’s very clever because some see history as boring, and Savannah is not boring. It’s a living history museum,” Wood said. “The video shows off how fun the town is without sacrificing our dignity. We’re not a theme park, and we don’t want to be. The video strikes a balance.”


But the locals didn’t think so much of the video and as a result, you too can receive a grand prize of $15,000 if your Destination Savannah Video does as well as the one paid for by the Savannah CVB based on a recent television news report.

Savannah’s Best Historic District Online Map

Savannah Getaways has the most comprehensive map of the Historic District posted online to better understand Savannah’s 2.5 square mile Landmark District’s Attractions. Recent upgrades have made this an important mapping tool for our thousands of annual guests navigating from their Savannah Vacation Rental accommodations. Taking your own self guided walking tour of all the points of interest and attractions you have come to Lowcountry Georgia to see has never been easier.

To utilize our highly trafficked Savannah Getaways website, first click on our "Savannah Vacation Rentals” button on the drop down menu bar. Now note the clickable “Browse by Map” section. You can now locate your choice of a vacation rental loft, condo, townhouse, or historic home on our Savannah Browse by Map Section map by clicking onto our perforated map sections 1 – 9 such as map section six as an example.

To find historic district attractions, go to the “Points of Interest” map within the numbered quadrants. Scroll the map and you can see with precision what is available around your home-away-from-home vacation rental. You have now plan your day of sightseeing through Savannah’s “Top Ten Walking City” historic downtown area and not miss a thing!

You are now in a position to take a walking tour of the Hostess City, street by street to determine where the best vacation rentals in the business can be found in easy walking distance to your niece’s wedding at the Trinity Church off Telfair Square, the best location to view the St. Paddy’s Day Festivities along the parade route, or the closest vacation rentals to Paula Deen’s Lady and Son’s Restaurant. So next time you come to Savannah, know ahead of time where to find attractions from your specific quadrant within the historic district.


Savannah, by Land, by Air AND by Sea?

While Savannah keeps an eye out on Carnival Cruise Lines and their due to expire in 2011 agreement with Jacksonville, many southeastern residents are rooting for that scenario to become a reality. Quite a few Georgia & North and South Carolina residents would love to shave a few more hours off of their drive time to Destination Savannah over Destination Jacksonville. Plus have the added attractions of Historic Savannah AND the beaches ofTybee Island, Daufuskie Island, and Hilton Head Island as a value added getaway option once they arrive. 


As this possibility continues to pick up a head of steam with the Carnival Cruise Ship Fascination. many Savannahians believe this is one of the possibilities that could move to the Hostess City according to Georgia Public Broadcasting!

"Savannah Alderman Tony Thomas has been leading the push for the cruise ship industry in Savannah. "If Carnival is considering leaving Jacksonville, we would be very interested in Savannah in talking to them," Thomas says. "Maybe this is an opportunity for Savannah." If the Fascination left Jacksonville for Savannah, it would be the first major cruise ship to call on the Georgia coast. Savannah has been seeking to build a cruise ship industry in recent years." 


Stay Tuned Savannah Lovers, if Savannah Getaways has it’s way, coastal Georgia will have a Cruise Line option available for your consideration sooner rather than later!

Bicycling Savannah’s Landmark Historic District


Historic Savannah is not only a "Top Ten Walking City", but some of the best bicycling in an urban area can be found in our Hostess City. And this coming weekend features a three hour bicycling class in Forsyth Park from Noon to 3:00 PM on Saturday May 15th at the Bicycle Tent at The Farmers Market in Forsyth Park. May is National Bicycling Month.


May 15: Ride Savannah. 12-3pm, class will meet at the Savannah Bicycle Campaign tent at the Forsyth Park Farmer’s Market to begin class which also includes on-bike travel through Historic Downtown Savannah. This course is provided at no charge. Students who complete both Savannah Bicycle College and Ride Savannah will be eligible to receive the Traffic Skills 101 certificate, the prerequisite for LCI certification.

Be Smart with your search for a Vacation Rental Investment in Destination Savannah

So the second home vacation rental real estate bubble has burst according to most experts and the family vacation is going through a metamorphosis according to some, right? Not necessarily folks. While economic indicators are falling in virtually every sector of our economy, here’s a news flash for you. The Hospitality Industry if not exactly thriving in Destination Savannah is certainly sustaining most of the old timer vacation businesses thanks to the 6 to 7 million travelers coming to the Hostess City year after year. There is a reason that Savannah’s Landmark Historic District currently is and has consistently been named a Top Ten Vacation Destination amongst Travel Industry leaders year after year, Conde Nast and Travel and Leisure.


When it comes to making well informed vacation rental purchase decisions in a due diligence methodology, it is easy to recognize whom the savvy investors are and whom they are not. Separating fact from fiction even in a market as robust as Savannah’s 2.5 square mile “location, location, location on training wheels” destination requires some degree of sophistication in implementing a big picture cash flow strategy. It is easy to get caught up in the happy talk of the so called “experts” who are identifiable as being more interested in getting you to list your proposed real estate purchase within the vacation rental directory they represent. Not so fast there pilgrim, how do you propose to get separation amongst a galaxy of other absentee vacation rental rookies and players?


No Virginia, conventional wisdom vacation rental marketing tactics
will not likely create an investment model that will allow you to operate in the black annually amidst falling real estate values and tanking nightly room rates. There are a lot of factors to consider if you ever do hit the bulls eye of this long range target. But why share our successful Savannah Vacation Rental methodology honed over the past ten years to the investors we serve or our competitors alike in this open forum? Send me an E-mail and will spend a few minutes with you one on one for free conveying what I have told many, many more historic district property investors over the years like we did with these folks that purchased one of our own private properties several years ago.


Savannah Vacation Rental Investor News

Rockets Red Glare over Tybee Island & Eco-Tours?

Looks like another kicking July 4th celebration here in the Lowcountry sports fans. Plenty of Good Times and Cold Beer to be had this past weekend in the Hostess City and her neighbor Savannah Beach, AKA Tybee Island. That whole Hot Fun in the Summer Time thing don’t you know? For those of you that missed the fireworks display this past weekend, check out the You Tube Video at the end of this article.


For the rest of you, conjugate on this if you will. I suspect many of you have already been there done that with that whole beach scene thingy. Looking for something a tad different this summer? Well then, have I got a different vacation experience in mind for you and yours! How about coming to coastal Georgia and take in some of the most pristine eco-tourism to be found here in the Low Country with our strategic partners, the good folks at Wilderness Southeast? Like they say in their promotional material:


“Explore Georgia’s true nature on a private tour arranged to accommodate your interests and itinerary. WiSE Nature Tours can provide a few hours or a whole day of wildlife discovery from birding to beachcombing and beyond. Visitors to Historic Savannah choose to explore by walking, paddling, or boating and by the wildlife and habitat they want to observe.” For the past 36 years, my favorite group of live oak tree-huggers have specialized in providing just the right atmosphere to learn about nature and wildlife. Their explorations for individuals, families, and groups integrate information from many diverse fields including biology, ecology, geology, astronomy, natural and cultural history. So come to lowcountry Georgia and see live gators in their natural habitat. Or maybe you just prefer to watch the fireworks display. That’s Okay too!


Savannah Vacation News – All The Low Country Travel News that’s fit to post online!

Slow Travel Group to stroll into Savannah first weekend in April

We have been tracking a consummate group of travelers over the past year or so as they plan their largest gathering to date in the Hostess City.  No mystery at all as to why we absolutely love these savvy vacationers and their penchant for seeking out vacation rental properties for their group excursions.  Check out some of the excerpted material from the official Slow Travel website below, makes for an enlightened point of view in understanding their criteria when going after their travel lodging:

Slow Travelers stay in vacation rentals around the world – apartments, villas, houses, cottages, cabins, condos that you rent by the week. Other terms used for these types of rentals are self-catering, tourist rentals, holiday rentals, holiday cottages, agritourism (Italy), Gites (France). 190_05
Basing yourself in a vacation rental makes for a different, slower vacation. You stay longer in one place and get to know one area in depth. The extra time in a place lets you find a favorite coffee shop, get your groceries at the local stores, go to the weekly market – the things you would do if you lived there.

Now that you have some insight into their philosophy about traveling, find out about their Savannah weekend getaway as well by following the link.  This laid back group of concept travelers are on the grow as evidenced by their presence at some on a circuit of important travel related trade shows in various regions throughout America.Savannahhorsecarriage
  I know we here at Savannah Getaways are delighted to be part of their travel experience to our Historic District and our upscale accommodations and join with all of our participating group of absentee property owners in complimenting them in a self serving manner for choosing coastal Georgia for their spring destination weekend.  Much obliged folks, and ya’ll come back now next year!

Both Savannah and Charleston among Best City Destination in Southern Living


Southern Living Magazine
’s final vote tally for Best Southern City Destination includes Savannah and Charleston as this popular magazine’s favorites.  As least according to their readers as these sister cities were among the top picks as voted on by 36,000 participants in 2006.   Other finalists along with the Hostess City and the Holy City competing for the 2006 Reader’s Choice Awards are Atlanta, Georgia and San Antonio, Texas as other popular southern City Destinations in their own right. Savannah and Charleston are perennial destsination favorites in this and other publications as these two popular low country vacation destinations are high on every traveler’s radar for either week long vacations or that long romantic getaway weekend. Read the entire article about "What You Voted the Best of the South in Southern Living."Sky
  And stay tuned for some exciting developments about splitting vacation trips between Savannah and Charleston with three or four nights in each city’s historic district.  We know your motivation for coming to our landmark historic district.  Below is your motivation for visiting our “Yankee sister city” to the north. Actually my tongue is in my cheek when I say that.

It’s the dazzling architectural allure of the battery promenade, the splendor of Charleston Harbor, the vibrant charm of the residents, and the exquisite blending of the historic points of interest with new architectural wonders in Charleston’s Historic DistrictLamp
that makes it one of the top 10 U.S. cities to visit. At Savannah Getaways we want to make your Charleston Getaway to Low Country South Carolina as memorable as your Savannah visit. We specialize in finding ideal, affordable accommodations for both recreational visitors and business travelers alike when you head north out of Savannah towards Charleston. As insiders, we know the best places to stay, eat, visit, and patronize. So what are you waiting for?  Give us a ring today about our sister city getaway package for Southern Living’s Two Favorite Southern Cities.

Attend Chef Joe Randall’s Cooking School and put a little south in your mouth

Here at Savannah Buzz and our rapidly growing Savannah News Channel, we always try to keep our ears to the ground while kicking up rabbits in hopes of identifying a variety of unique Savannah Getaway experiences for our many paid guests and other Savannah bound web site browsers to undertake on their visit’s to Lowcountry coastal Georgia. When it comes to a unique experience in our Hostess City, cooking schools are all the rage at the moment.5  This brings us to a not only unique but a very affordable cooking school being offered by Chef Joe Randall, chef extraordinaire. With his forty years of cooking experience, Chef Joe brings an abundance of expertise to creating culinary masterpieces.4  As his web site indicates, He has been offering local Savannahians and tourists alike an opportunity to enhance their southern cooking skills.

I preach the gospel of authentic Southern cuisine to all comers. The success of the school is a credit to my great love of southern cuisine and the city of Savannah. And also what I have done to share the heritage and southern culture with visitors from all over the world. For over 5 years, I’ve shared my passion for Southern food and culture with the Savannah metropolitan region and beyond, and one day I’d like to share it with you. Let Chef Joe Randall’s Cooking School put a little south in your mouth, and joy back into your kitchen. It is my undying devotion to my heritage and the cuisine of the south and my love of sharing it with others that has made the school so successful and me truly joyful.

Meetchef220 Enjoy creating tasty dishes in the Kitchen? Crave southern cooking? Coming to Savannah in the near future? Check out Chef Joe’s Randall’s Cooking School as a one of a kind Low Country Getaway Culinary Experience.