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Searching for Savannah Vacation Rental Deals

Given our superior presence in Historic Savannah, we pride ourselves on connecting our customers to the best historic homes at the lowest rates. Savannah Getaways has been serving the traveling public to coastal Savannah for the past thirteen years by providing unmatched customer satisfaction to our tens of thousands of guests to lowcountry Georgia.

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There were no part timers involved in the vacation rental business to Destination Savannah Historic District back in the day when we first hung out the only RBO shingle in downtown Savannah. Even then we were providing excellent vacation rental value long before there was even a newly minted Goldman-Sachs/Wall Street backed Home Away website paying any real attention to vacation rentals. While there have been plenty of Johnny Come Lately vacation rental by owners (RBO's) offering lodging options in downtown Savannah on VRBO, Home Away, and VacationRentals.com travel directories each succeeding year since our inception, here are some of the pitfalls to avoid when it comes to making your own informed vacation rental reservation decision.

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Just like savvy shoppers shop Savannah hotels, Savannah Historic Inns, and Savannah Bed and Breakfast lodging options in the historic district, apply the same principal here. To find that cheap vacation rental deal while realizing more bang for your travel bucks – read objective reviews. But not just any review. You should always read honest to goodness independent reviews from reputable companies known for their independently verified reviews such as Trip Advisor and Flip Key rather than those reviews that may have been manufactured by the property owners themselves on non-verified by owner vacation rental directories.

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And make sure you always deal with a fully supported, legitimately sanctioned property management company of many years duration that has an actual verifiable track record. The nature of the online travel industry is one in which poor customer service on top of dingy vacation rental properties (they do work hand in hand) will always find the “vacation rental by amateur” home owners or under performing vacation rental management companies out by their 1 and 2 star reviews.

With that in mind check out our latest last minute vacation rental specials on Broughton Street, Jones Street, Tattnall Street, or our very trendy Washington Square facing Garden Level Townhouse.

Savannah’s Best Historic District Online Map

Savannah Getaways has the most comprehensive map of the Historic District posted online to better understand Savannah’s 2.5 square mile Landmark District’s Attractions. Recent upgrades have made this an important mapping tool for our thousands of annual guests navigating from their Savannah Vacation Rental accommodations. Taking your own self guided walking tour of all the points of interest and attractions you have come to Lowcountry Georgia to see has never been easier.

To utilize our highly trafficked Savannah Getaways website, first click on our "Savannah Vacation Rentals” button on the drop down menu bar. Now note the clickable “Browse by Map” section. You can now locate your choice of a vacation rental loft, condo, townhouse, or historic home on our Savannah Browse by Map Section map by clicking onto our perforated map sections 1 – 9 such as map section six as an example.

To find historic district attractions, go to the “Points of Interest” map within the numbered quadrants. Scroll the map and you can see with precision what is available around your home-away-from-home vacation rental. You have now plan your day of sightseeing through Savannah’s “Top Ten Walking City” historic downtown area and not miss a thing!

You are now in a position to take a walking tour of the Hostess City, street by street to determine where the best vacation rentals in the business can be found in easy walking distance to your niece’s wedding at the Trinity Church off Telfair Square, the best location to view the St. Paddy’s Day Festivities along the parade route, or the closest vacation rentals to Paula Deen’s Lady and Son’s Restaurant. So next time you come to Savannah, know ahead of time where to find attractions from your specific quadrant within the historic district.


Rockets Red Glare over Tybee Island & Eco-Tours?

Looks like another kicking July 4th celebration here in the Lowcountry sports fans. Plenty of Good Times and Cold Beer to be had this past weekend in the Hostess City and her neighbor Savannah Beach, AKA Tybee Island. That whole Hot Fun in the Summer Time thing don’t you know? For those of you that missed the fireworks display this past weekend, check out the You Tube Video at the end of this article.


For the rest of you, conjugate on this if you will. I suspect many of you have already been there done that with that whole beach scene thingy. Looking for something a tad different this summer? Well then, have I got a different vacation experience in mind for you and yours! How about coming to coastal Georgia and take in some of the most pristine eco-tourism to be found here in the Low Country with our strategic partners, the good folks at Wilderness Southeast? Like they say in their promotional material:


“Explore Georgia’s true nature on a private tour arranged to accommodate your interests and itinerary. WiSE Nature Tours can provide a few hours or a whole day of wildlife discovery from birding to beachcombing and beyond. Visitors to Historic Savannah choose to explore by walking, paddling, or boating and by the wildlife and habitat they want to observe.” For the past 36 years, my favorite group of live oak tree-huggers have specialized in providing just the right atmosphere to learn about nature and wildlife. Their explorations for individuals, families, and groups integrate information from many diverse fields including biology, ecology, geology, astronomy, natural and cultural history. So come to lowcountry Georgia and see live gators in their natural habitat. Or maybe you just prefer to watch the fireworks display. That’s Okay too!


Savannah Vacation News – All The Low Country Travel News that’s fit to post online!

The Three H’s of Top Ten Vacation Destination Travel

My friend and colleague, Whip Triplett, recently wrote an insightful article relative to why it is that Savannah, Georgia remains high on traveler’s radar in a recent Savannah Morning News article. As chairman of the Savannah Area Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, Whip was instrumental in putting together Savannah’s latest branding campaign.

"Savannah Est. 1733" responds to the most recognized feature of Savannah: Our history. All market segments appreciate and are attracted to Savannah because of its history and heritage. The new creative strategy is visualized by a blend of unique destination images anchored by the brand name carved in weathered stone.

The vibrancy of the images together with the emotions evoked by the solid foundation present our natural beauty, stunning architecture, charming people, youthful energy and robust community in ways that do not dilute the attraction of history and heritage. Travelers come not for a trip to the past, but to visit a city where cosmopolitan and contemporary styles mesh and are elegantly merged into a unique and special community.

Branding Savannah as “Georgia’s First City” has been effective and has served our Eastern Seaboard tourist destination well over the years. Playing off of this well known brand in Lowcountry Georgia with the Savannah Area Convention and Visitor Bureau latest branding campaign of “Savannah Est. 1733” leverages the three H’s that tend to be main reason that guests continue to flock to Savannah’s historic district, our History and Heritage along with the prerequisite world class Hospitality industry that is in place to serve our guest’s diverse travel needs while visiting our historic city is positioned to attract even greater numbers of national and international travelers in the years ahead. Petergordon

Whip Triplett manages the DoubleTree Hotel in the Historic District and is chairman of the Savannah Area Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Old Savannah Tours serves up a tasty touring recipe in Savannah

330home Paula Deen fans continue to visit the historic district in record numbers for the express purpose of eating at her renowned Food Channel favorite restaurant, The Lady and Sons located just off of City Market. The number of people standing in line waiting to get inside her restaurant, sometimes stretching the block of her Congress Street location was not lost on the owner/operators of 27 year old Old Savannah Tours. In the summer of 2004, they hatched a plan to capitalize on her success by offering a history filled tour of Deen’s rise to prominence in Lowcountry Georgia. Just one year old this past March, rider # 10,000 is expected to take the tour sometime within the next week.

17529425At $52 per adult guest, that would make this four hour journey that includes stops at our personal favorite fresh market, Polk’s Fresh Market at the corner of Liberty and Houston Streets, a $1/2 million tour in a little over the first year. And that would be a pretty good reason why Old Savannah Tours has been chosen Savannah’s Best Touring option in recent years.