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Bald Eagles Making magnificent comeback all across Georgia

A recent Associated Press article documents the Bald Eagle comeback from their once threatened status in the 1970’s all across America and in Georgia in particular as a Georgia Wildlife Biologist was undertaking a new nesting census over Lake Oconee, Georgia a few weeks ago.  Click on the link to read the entire story.

Georgia state wildlife biologist Jim Ozier sits in the cockpit, scanning the ground for water sources and towering trees where the majestic birds typically nest. Suddenly, he spots a nest at the highest reaches of a loblolly pine, just a few feet from lake that sits near the midway point between Atlanta and Augusta. Inside are two fuzzy birdlings, which Ozier estimates are probably 6 or 7 weeks old judging by their feathers. In Georgia, where the number of nests ballooned from zero in the 1970s to 108 this year, scientists have seen a similar shift. Although most of the state’s bald eagles still typically build their nests near expansive lakes, Ozier has noticed a few have started to set up shop near smaller, man-made ponds near farms. Tracking the birds is still an inexact science. Radio transmitters and satellite systems are sometimes used to monitor their whereabouts, but that equipment is expensive. Instead, many states dispatch biologists in helicopters to scan for the birds.

Birding is alive and well in coastal Georgia
as more destination bird watchers report even more sightings of our native bald eagle and other raptors.  The newly hatched chick in the video below is further indication of this magnificent bird’s comeback all across America. 
Plan your next  eco-tourism weekend getaway to coastal Georgia and you can see this much revered raptor on Oatland Island just a few minutes drive from Savannah’s historic district.