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Are our Tybee Island Cottages becoming an endangered historic landmark?

The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation released its 2007 list of 10 Places in Peril in the state today, and one of these ten endangered areas is Tybee Island’s trademark cottage on stilts. Tybee Island’s raised cottages were first constructed in 1923. These cottages are the most prevalent building type on Tybee, representing nearly 25 percent of the historic resources on the island.

Scaledimage Unfortunately, development is putting immense pressure on these historic resources, view sheds and open spaces of Tybee Island, according to the Trust excerpted in part from a recent Business Report Article. The major problem is developers are buying lots, tearing down or moving historic buildings and constructing duplexes, condominiums or larger beach houses. Tybee Island passed a local preservation ordinance and drafted design guidelines in 2000, but no local historic districts have been designated. In order to protect the island’s historic resources, historic districts and design guidelines need to be enacted, say the Trust’s representatives. Through Places in Peril, the Trust has an action plan built around encouraging owners and individuals, organizations and communities to employ proven preservation tools, financial resources and partnerships in order to reclaim, restore and revitalize historic properties that are in peril.

Rounding out the top ten sites on the Trust’s 2006 list included: the Terrell County Courthouse in Dawson; the Auburn Avenue Commercial District in Atlanta; Andalusia, the home of Flannery O’Connor, outside of Milledgeville; Hartwell Downtown National Register District; Pasaquan, an internationally acclaimed visionary art site in Marion County near Buena Vista; U.S. Highway 17, the gateway to Historic Brunswick and the Golden Isles;Tanker_in_marsh  the former Hawkinsville High School; Ponce de Leon Apartments in Atlanta; City Mills in Columbus; and, the Cowen Farmstead in Acworth.