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Tour of Homes, Tall Ships & Music Festivals

Tall Ship Lynx South Mag
While March is going out like the proverbial lamb here in the low country, there is still ample time remaining this month to take advantage of three big events on the other side of our always sold out St. Patrick’s Day long weekend celebration. Take advantage of the upcoming Savannah Tour of Homes weekend featuring one of our very own historic vacation homes on Liberty Street, Little Tara. Buy a ticket and get a rare opportunity to review your next Savannah Vacation Rental.

Little tara

Another perennial spring favorite is the Savannah Music Festival that kicks off this weekend same as the tour of homes on March 24th. Now enjoying the 22nd record breaking season, this year’s musical event runs all the way through April 9 with plenty of music genres scattered throughout a multitude of historic district venues. Be like other savvy travelers that are choosing their dates on their next Savannah Getaway to enjoy their favorite style of music in close proximity to their downtown urban loft with the aid of our unique historic district mapping tool.

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Rounding out the rest of the month of March is a one time only event, an opportunity to board a replica of our seafaring past, an awesome “Tall Ship” of the Privateer class of sailing vessels. The Lynx can be viewed at her berth at Port Savannah where she has been docked since the first of the month. Take a tour on this traveling museum at her Historic District River Street berth where she will be previewing the bicentennial celebration of the War of 1812 for an affordable $5 donation. Make your plans to visit one of America’s favorite historic stops, our Coastal Georgia Destination noted for our diversity of music, architectural tours and history over the next few weeks in particular. And if you do, you will be coming back for more, no doubt!

History Comes Alive in Historic Savannah

As you walk the streets of Savannah’s Landmark Historic District, the sense of history that permeates these storied streets in this designated district are all around you. Many of the historic markers recount an obscure tale or two or perhaps you prefer to hear the best tour guides on the Eastern Seaboard recount some fascinating drama over the past 276 years. But the really serious student may prefer to get straight to the source at our compelling Hodgson Hall Building located on the corner of Whitaker and Gaston Streets cattycorner to Forsyth Park. Within these hallowed halls (pardon the pun), resides the living archives of the Georgia Historical Society.


Pertinent information covering General Oglethorpe's faithful landing in 1733, many battles stretching out over several wars, the Cherokee Removal over the infamous Trail of Tears from Antebellum Georgia during 1836 from their ancestral land, and the correspondence of well known Savannahian, Girl Scout Founder Juliette Gordon Low during her formative years in coastal Savannah are just a few of the many documents and artifacts that are available to the public at large. We take our Georgia History seriously and invite other like minded history buffs to come and sit a spell in air conditioned comfort what it is that sets Georgia apart from the other 13 colonies. You might want to plan your upcoming Savannah Getaway around some of our upcoming events.

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