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Local Savannah Writer documents Savannah’s Antebellum History

Much has been written about Savannah’s rich history and elegant old homes, but until now it is doubtful that anyone has researched more rigorously each unique aspect of that history than historic district Savannahian, Susan Johnson.  Having lived on Washington Square Poi38
since 1984, she has researched the stories of the dozen or so antebellum cottages that dot the city’s National Historic Landmark District  much of which has been ignored or missed all together. In her new book, Savannah’s Little Crooked Houses: If these Walls Could Talk, this Savannah writer explores the past of these architectural treasures and examines the lives of the families who called them home. Who built these tiny dwellings? Who lived in their 1,200 (or fewer) square feet of space? And what sort of world did they see when they gazed out their windows? This meticulously researched book answers all these questions plus a few more you are sure to have.

Who, for example, can resist the story of Dr. Samuel Furman, who married sisters, first Lucy and then Henrietta Williams? Or the sad tale of Edward and Jane Harden, who both died of "bilious fever" in 1804—he on her birthday, she on his—leaving their minor children in the care of slaves? Or the mystery of lively and conniving Eliza Howell, whose three husbands all died under the same dubious circumstances? This charming book reveals secrets that have been held for over two-hundred years. If you are planning a getaway excursion to Savannah in the months of May or June, here is the author’s schedule so that you can obtain an autographed copy of this distinctively Savannah book.  Do you very own self guided Savannah Walking Tour of Homes (on the outside at least) with this wonderful literary resource. Better yet, you can stay in at least one of these charming cottage’s by booking your reservation directly with Abercorn Townhomes, Suites, and Condominiums!