Monterey Square
Monterey Square, characterized in John Behrendt's best selling book that was also made into the popular movie "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" as one of Savannah's most beautiful squares, was laid out in 1847. It defines pre Civil War America as it memorializes America's 1846 capture of Monterey, Mexico by Gen. Zachary Taylor's American forces. Monterey Square is located on land fought over during the Siege of Savannah during the Revolutionary War in 1779, perhaps lending credence to the sporadic reports of sounds of low moaning heard around the block between Bull and Whitaker streets, where many of the wounded and dying during this siege would have been located.

The many tourist attractions around this picturesque square include Temple Mickve Israel, the Mercer House, and the Rogers House. A monument of Polish Count Casimir Pulaski, who died in the battle of Savannah 1779, is located in the center of this popular square that has a south facing view of Forsyth Park just two blocks away. All of the buildings surrounding this square except one (the United Way building) are original to the inception of Monterey Square.