Savannah's Waving Girl Statue

The Waving Girl statue is a popular monument for visitors to the River Street area of Savannah, Georgia's historic district. The statue immortalizes a Savannahian named Florence Martus, who lived near the entrance to Savannah Harbor on nearby Elba Island with her brother, the lighthouse keeper. Florence reportedly waved to each ship that came and went -- for 44 years! Throughout the years, the vessels in return watched for and saluted this quiet little woman.

After her retirement the Propeller Club of Savannah, in honor of her seventieth birthday, sponsored a celebration on Cockspur Island. A Liberty Ship built in Savannah in 1943, was named for her. The bronze statue depicting Ms. Martus (1869 - 1943), known to sea-farers of that era worldwide as "Savannah's Waving Girl" is located on the bluff overlooking the Savannah River just south of the east end of River Street.