Forsyth Park

Forsyth Park (originally named Forsyth Place) is a compelling and vital part of Savannah's historic district anchoring the southern most point in the historic district moving due south down Bull street which terminates at Gaston St. that borders the north entry point from this quarter of the historic district. This twenty nine acre park was the first large park created in Savannah, other than the squares, designed as part of the city plan by General Oglethorpe in the eighteenth century. Stylistically, the Park belongs to a later era, and was influenced by the Parisian urban renewal boom of the 1850's with her broad boulevards and parks for practical reasons which was designed to improve access to pedestrian and horse-drawn traffic of that era.

Upon walking into Forsyth Park from Bull St, one finds the Forsyth Park Fountain, Savannah's best known tourist attraction that was erected in 1858. Imitating other European cities, Bull Street of that era was thought of more in terms of a boulevard and promenade with the fountain served as a focal point of a long vista, all the way down Bull St. from the Exchange, which was City Hall. Walking past the fountain along the broad promenade lined by many flowering plants and shrubs underneath moss draped oaks and evergreens, our 1850's era Savannahians would walk past the faux fort and a large enough area for marching, utilized as a military training area. Heading due south to the midway point of this area brings you to the Confederate Memorial Monument for those southerners and their Confederate comrades that fell in combat during the civil war. At the "back" of Forsyth Park (southern most point) Bull St. again picks up on the other side of Park St. in the direction of the modern era greater Savannah area.

Modern Day Forsyth Park is a multi purpose well maintained park that hosts a never ending cycle of seasonal events including outdoor concerts, music festivals, sporting events, ethnic food tasting weekends, weddings, and outdoor art festivals among a wide variety of other gatherings. There are many popular tourist attractions within the park with the many monuments, memorials, gardens to be taken in during a leisurely stroll through Forsyth Park. The recent addition of the Mansion on Forsyth Resort facing west across the park has added another dimension to this already popular historic district destination.