Fountain at Forsyth
The Fountain in Forsyth Park was created in 1858 and very similar to another fountain from the same era located in Cuzco, Peru. The Fountain area is dominated by the large, ornate, two-tiered cast-iron fountain surmounted by a classically robed female figure standing in amidst the round basin area and holding a rod. Water comes from this rod into the top basin, in which she is standing. This tier is large enough for an adult man to sit in. The top basin, which is undulating, appears to be made of three successive rows of closely arranged flat leaves, around the base of which are arranged acanthus leaves. The pedestal which supports this top basin is surrounded by grasses, including cattails, and a wading bird with wings outspread. There are several satellite animal motif fountains surrounding the main fountain, all of them shooting out streams of water.

This massive main fountain was completely restored in 1988 with at least a quarter of it having to be recast. The Forsyth Fountain complex is located in the northern section of Forsyth Park easily viewed from Gaston Street that fronts Forsyth Park, originally called Forsyth Place. The Fountain was conceived as the focal point of the landscaped park in the mid 1800's and is the most photographed tourist attraction in the historic city of Savannah, serving as a kind of logo for our "Hostess City".

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