River Street

River Street or "River Walk" as referred to by the tourists is the northern most street of Savannah's famed historic district that fronts the Savannah River, waterway to sea going vessels of every description as they head further up river to unload their cargo and depart again with newly acquired cargo. Here our traveling visitors will find the widest variety of points of interest congregated in the historic district in easy walking distance from the eastern end to the western end.

After Oglethorpe's initial landing in 1733 on what later became River Street, over the next 80 years, the port grew in importance as an exporter of lumber and cotton. Then, in 1818, a yellow fever quarantine forced ships to be rerouted. The riverfront then experienced a steady decline over the next century.

In the 1970's, The City implemented a major urban renewal program to revitalize the waterfront. The project transformed 80,000 square feet of abandoned warehouse space into a colorful array of shops, restaurants, galleries, hotels and inns, resulting in a revitalized historic area to be enjoyed by all.

Throughout the year, the Savannah Waterfront serves as the City's center for a variety of major festivals and special events. During these celebrations, the Riverfront Plaza is filled with live entertainment, music, food, arts, crafts, special surprises, interesting people and fun for the whole family.

Cruise along the Savannah River while you enjoy mouth watering local seafood, live entertainment and an ocean of fun along the Rousakis Plaza!