Bay Street
Bay Street is the most heavily trafficked street in Savannah's historic district and runs parallel to two other equally important streets, River Street on the Savannah River with it's many boutique shops and restaurants as well as Broughton Street, the old down town shopping district from years gone by. Located on Bay Street, our many guests will find the historic district's finest hotels, inns, restaurants, and local watering holes as well as many of the landmark buildings such as the Court House, The Cotton Exchange, and Federal Buildings. Just like River Street, our traveling visitors will find the widest variety of points of interest congregated in the historic district in easy walking distance from the eastern end to the western end.

A stroll down Bay Street from one end to the other reveals a treasure trove of historic markers on the north side sandwiched between Factors Walk and the south side of Bay Street in addition to monuments and historical artifacts that such as the bench that commemorates the spot where General Oglethorpe spent the first night on landing in Savannah in 1733 right on up to many of the more contemporary 20th Century Monuments found in the Hostess City.

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