Savannah Station

The building was originally constructed in 1902 as a stable for horses that hauled freight wagons for The Southern Express Company. In 1918, it was sold to The American Railway Express, which in its day was synonymous with United Parcel Service of today, and was used as a garage and truck depot for their commercial trucks. In 1969, the building was sold to Taylor Furniture Company to warehouse furniture and was eventually used as a garage for tour buses. In early 1997, it was bought by two Savannah businessmen for the purpose of renovation into an elegant event facility. Now called SAVANNAH STATION, the building has 12,000 square feet of event space perfect for local Savannahians, tourists and conventioneers.

The Savannah Station, located in downtown Savannah, Georgia, is the perfect setting for most any event. We are here to help to make your wedding or business function special, not a cookie cutter event. We have a unique facility and we feel that your event should be special as well.

601 Cohen Street at Selma

(912) 233-5400