Factors Walk

Factors Walk fronts the middle floors of the early 1800's constructed red brick cotton warehouses that are actually the back side of the present day lower floors of River St. boutique shops, restaurants, candy stores, riverboat ticket offices, and tourist attractions along the Savannah River. Factors Walk harkens back to the day when cotton was king with Savannah being a major player in that 1800's era market with her many merchants and cotton brokers (factors). The upper floors of these buildings served as cotton factors' offices as well as office for other merchants above their warehouses. A normal trading day would typically find these factors standing on the iron bridges to better grade the cotton wagons driven below prior to being stored in the warehouses before being loaded on ships bound for their European markets. The cobblestone paved streets below Factors Walk and River St. actually served as ballast on the early sailing ships that had to be off loaded for cotton that would replace the weight of the ballast stones.