First Bryan Baptist Church

Site of "the Mother Church of Black Baptists", First Bryan Baptist Church was founded by Andrew Bryan, a slave who came to Savannah from his birth place in Goose Creek, South Carolina. Andrew Bryan was first baptized in Savannah by the Negro Missionary and British sympathizer, Reverend George Leile who left with the British at the completion of the American Revolutionary War. The earlier certified congregation of Reverend Bryan's flock was known as The Ethiopian Church of Jesus Christ and met at Yamacraw and Brampton Grove among other locations before building the present day church on this site.

Ordained in 1788 at Brampton Barn, the Reverend Bryan moved from place to place with his congregation and was even imprisoned and whipped for preaching during a time when whites feared any slave gathering as a focus for rebellion. He persevered and finally bought his and his family's freedom and purchased this lot On W. Bryan St. for his Church. Andrew Bryan pastored until his death, October 6, 1812. He is buried in Savannah's Laurel Grove Cemetery.

575 W. Bryan St.
Savannah, Georgia 31401

(912) 232 - 5526