First African Baptist Church

"The Oldest Black Church in North America" is the historic designation of this historic district First African Baptist Church found on Montgomery St.

This historic church is listed in the National Register of Historic places and was important even before the American Revolution. Organized by George Leile in 1773, it was the first black church in what would shortly become the United States. George Leile was a freed slave due to his master having died. He was ordained in 1775 and the church was officially created as the First Colored Church in December of 1777.

The present sanctuary was erected in 1859 by the members of the congregation doing the work themselves. The church is also home to a museum that contains items from the church's beginning in 1773. Included in the museum are written records dating from the 1800's, pictures of the seventeen pastors, newspaper articles from 1861, communion sets from 1814, and many other items of historic interest - a must visit for those with an interest in historic religious research in pre-revolutionary war colonial America.

23 Montgomery St.

(912) 233 - 6597