Christ Church

When the city of Savannah was first laid out, the present site, on Johnson square was designated for a church. Oglethorpe had been instructed by the Governors to "lay out a site for the church," with the "parsonage lot" immediately in the rear, and a "burying ground" which was located at York and Bull Streets. In 1758, the cemetery now known as Colonial Park Cemetery was vested in Christ Church and remained in use until 1853. It was transferred to the city in 1895.

The Reverend John Wesley assumed charge of this congregation in 1736. While here, he began America's first Sunday school meetings and he published for use in this church the first English Hymnal in America. His brother Charles was at St. Simon's Island, where he founded Christ Church, Frederica. The Wesley brothers returned to England in 1737, where fame awaited these two priests of the Church of England. The main offices and parsonage of the modern day Christ Church is located at 18 Abercorn St. on Reynolds Square.

28 Bull St.

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