Historic Railroad Shop

The Historic Railroad Shops in Savannah is the oldest and most complete antebellum (pre-civil war) railroad manufacturing and repair facilities still in existence in the United States. As such, the site was designated as a National Historic Landmark. The location on which the complex was built was originally part of a battle field site in the American Revolution that determined which side would hold the City of Savannah during that conflict. The Central of Georgia Railway built the repair shops and utilized them for over 100 years. With 13 of the original structures remaining, this site remains a brilliant tribute to the 19th century Industrial Revolution.

Visitors will enjoy the restored Industrial Era, 125 foot tall brick smokestack, and the colossal Roundhouse which includes an operating turntable, which holds a 130-ton diesel locomotive. Exhibits include a 1914 steam locomotive, antique machinery and other period items.

601 W. Harris St.

(912) 651 - 6823

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