Columbia Square

Columbia Square features the "Wormsloe Fountain," added to the square in 1970 to honor the DeRenne family. Items of interest on this square include the Davenport House, saved in 1955 when seven local women started a movement that later became the Historic Savannah Foundation. This was Savannah's eastern limit when the city was walled between 1757 and 1790. A fountain from Wormsloe Plantation sits in the center.

This square was laid out in the year of 1799. It marked the eastern boundary of Savannah from 1757 to 1759. It formerly had Bethesda Gate, one of six city gates, placed on it. The fountain is located in the center of the square. Located on the square is The Isaiah Davenport House Museum, perhaps the most significant structure in Savannah, as it launched the historic preservation effort that revived the city.