Greene Square
Greene Square was named for General Nathaniel Greene, who served in the American Revolution. An aide to General Washington, he was a resident of Savannah and had a plantation at Mulberry Grove. He died there of sunstroke at age 44. In the same location, Eli Whitney and Greene's wife invented the cotton gin. Both Nathaniel Greene and his son are buried in Johnson Square. On the southwest corner, the Meyerhoff house is built of Savannah Gray Brick and a sign on the house notes that these bricks were made at the Hermitage Plantation. The Second African Baptist Church, dating to 1802 is on the west side of the square. At this church, Sherman made his famous "Forty Acres and a Mule" promise to the newly freed slaves. Also on this square is the 1801 wooden building that was the Savannah Female Orphan Asylum Square.