Crawford Square

Crawford Square is located on Houston Street between Perry and Hull Streets.

This square was laid out in the 1840s and named to honor William Harris Crawford who was Secretary of the Treasury under President Madison and once thought to be a prime contender for President of the United States but unfortunately finished third in the Presidential election of 1824 behind Andrew Jackson and the winner John Quincy Adam.

This square in past years had evolved into a square that was less about history but more about modern day needs as it featured basketball courts to provide a facility for Savannah youths to pursue their favorite pastime. After much urging from historic district residents that preferred to keep the historic district truer to it's historic roots, the grassy garden area of this square recently underwent upgrades and a redesign with a brand new cupola placed in the center of the square that now accommodates the need for additional venues for outside marriage ceremonies that take place in the historic district while seeking to protect the historical quality of the original Crawford Square. One basketball court has been kept in the square as a compromise to what the original site had been turned into for urban youths. The current look is more in keeping with the historic district squares of yesteryear.