Troup Square
This square, located on Habersham between Charlton and Harris Streets, was laid out in 1851. It was named for George Michael Troup, Congressional Representative, Governor, and Senator. There was only one other square, Washington Square, named for a person who was alive when so honored.

On the West side of the square there are the high stoop McDonough Row Houses, built in 1882 that were the object of one of the first historic restoration efforts in the 1960s when federal funds became available for historic preservation activities. Kennedy Row, low stoop brick houses on the West side of the square, were built in 1872 and also rehabilitated in the Troup Square Renewal Project. On the West side of the square, there is a dog fountain that was reinstalled in the 1980s.

The Armillary Sphere in the center of the square was created in the 1970s and represents an ancient astronomical device. It originally had gold continents inside and twelve Zodiacs on the rim; but was removed to prevent theft or further vandalism.