Exemplar Agreement

Welcome to Savannah! Savannah Getaways and the City of Savannah are committed to providing you with the very best experience. In addition, we work closely with our neighbors to insure the quality of life that residents and visitors both expect. Enclosed is information regarding neighborhood policies and local laws and regulations. Please keep in mind that violations of any of these rules can lead to fines or even eviction without refund. We know that you’ll do your part to be a great neighbor in Savannah!

Please be mindful of the City of Savannah Noise Ordinance. As you are staying in a residential area, we would like to remind you to observe neighborhood quite times between the hours of 9PM – 8AM. Please remember that sound carries very well throughout Savannah, most especially in courtyards, on porches, patios and verandahs.

Guests must not exceed the listed occupancy of each property.

Guests must not exceed the maximum parking allotted to each property.

Park only in designated parking places. Please be mindful of street sweeping zones and parking meters throughout the city.

Savannah does have leash laws and leashes are required for any pet taken off property. Pet waste must be cleaned up immediately (including in courtyards at the properties).

While “to-go” cups are legal in parts of the city, public intoxication is unlawful and may result in heavy fines and/or incarceration.

Savannah has very strict litter laws. Please be sure that all litter, trash and cigarette butts are placed in waste receptacles. Help keep Savannah beautiful!

Household trash and recycling must be placed in the City of Savannah collection carts specific to the property. Trash bags and recycling may not be left outside of collection carts, left on porches or left in lanes.

Laundry and towels must not be hung to dry on any exterior portion of the property, including porch rails, fences, gates or banisters.

Helpful Hints for your Savannah Getaway

9-1-1 is the phone number for emergency services in the city.

Savannah is a walking city and our architecture and squares are best enjoyed on foot. Please remember to only cross street in designated crosswalks. And, as in most cities, jaywalking is punishable by fine. Obey all pedestrian signals and signage.

Bicycles are a great mode of transportation in Savannah; however, bicycles are prohibited in squares, parks and sidewalks throughout Savannah.

If you happen to be locked out of your property, please contact your rental agent. Neighbors and surrounding businesses do not have spare keys to the property.

48-hour parking passes are available for $12 from Savannah’s Parking Services Office at 100 East Bryan Street, the Savannah Visitor’s Center at 301 MLK Boulevard, or by calling (912) 651-6470. These passes provide you to park at any meter, with a time limit of one hour or more, without paying the meter. It also includes complimentary parking at any of the City owned Parking Garages.