Savannah Artists & Galleries

Club One

Voted Savannah’s #1 Dance Club since 1997! The Lady Chablis, star of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and author of Hiding My Candy, makes frequent appearances in The Cabaret and Club One’s many charity events.

Location: 1 Jefferson Street
Phone: (912) 232-0200

Lucas Theatre for the Arts

The Lucas Theatre was built in 1921 by Arthur Lucas and architect C.K. Howell. Howell designed theaters across the country and Lucas owned more than 20 theaters throughout the South, though the Lucas Theatre in Savannah is the only one to bear his name. The college, SCAD, supports the theater’s overhead and uses it for a number of events including the Savannah Film Festival. The college support also allows for a wide range of community uses: the Lucas has presented top-line entertainment including opera from London and Italy, European orchestras, country stars, traveling repertory companies and film series.

Location: 32 Abercorn Street, Savannah, GA
Phone: (912) 525-5040

Savannah Community Theatre

This theatre offers guests an unforgettable evening of entertainment with a wacky whodunit by Savannah Murder Mystery Dinner Theater. The Savannah Community Theatre was founded by native Savannahian Tom Coleman III. Tom is well known in Savannah’s theatre community. Check out website for theatre offerings.

Location: 2160 East Victory Drive, Savannah, GA
Phone: (912) 238-2888

Savannah Theatre

A wonderful, highly talented group of entertainers put on a show you will never forget. This is a high energy performance that all will enjoy. This is live music at its best. If you have not seen a show here before make sure it is on your list of “must things to do in Savannah”. You will not be disappointed. A truly enjoyable experience. Check out website for current shows.

Location: 22 Bull Street, Savannah, GA
Phone: (912) 233-7764

Treylor Park

Treylor Park and Hitch are built on the motto “Quality over Quantity”. In everything we do, quality comes first. Whether you are talking about our seasonal cocktails, our craft beer, or our local fare, everything is done with quality in mind. Treylor Park and Hitch are unique spaces that offer a fun and unique food/cocktail/beer menu day and night. Whether you are in the mood for a nice, smooth cocktail or a cool crisp draft beer, these unique classic restaurants are full of great music and great energy.

Location: 115 East Bay Street, Savannah, GA
Phone: (912) 459-5557

The Worm Hole

The Wormhole is a new live music venue in Savannah, Georgia. We’re not just a night club; we’re a friendly, open minded music club offering a stage to local and touring bands. Hosting music concerts spanning a variety of genres loosely tied under the “alternative” heading. This is a “variety club” (not the vaudeville-style talent show type, though that would be cool, too) because we feature a variety of musical styles and have a different type of show each night. The Worm Hole has hosted metal festivals and square dancing, electronic shows and bluegrass, and everything else you can think of!

Location: 2307 Bull Street, Savannah, GA
Phone: (912) 401-0214